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Jonah Kagen – “18” Review: Reliving The Memories Of Young Love

Jonah Kagen's latest single, "18," is an emotional masterpiece ready to take listeners back to their memories of young love.

Acoustic music maker Jonah Kagen shared his latest single, “18,” earlier today, and it’s an emotional tale of young love and the highs and lows that come with it. A single the singer-songwriter never thought he would be sharing with the world.

Not a stranger to the acoustic-pop genre or creating emotional masterpieces as the talented musician has amassed a sizeable fanbase. But how well does “18” tell the uphill battles that come with falling in love? Let’s find out.

Having over a month to give “18” repeat listens has been both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is creating a connection with the words being sung softly by Jonah Kagen, each lyric another relatable tale of love and heartbreak. The curse is having “18” for over a month and having those memories of yesteryear floating right in front of me, like a hologram projection, as I couldn’t put the single aside.

Jonah sings about falling in and out of love but never once regretting his path, “Don’t you know what we could’ve been?/Made to love, we were younger then/I’d do it all again.” A relatable trait that listeners will gravitate to with no rhyme or reason, as love, both the good and bad, is a simple and complex emotion we all share throughout our lives, and “18” captures the feeling perfectly.

Instrumentally, the subtle strumming and string work throughout “18” creates the perfect dreamscape lullaby to drift away into one’s internal memories. Paired with the soft-spoken vocal delivery is a gentle reminder of the tender touch of that special feeling.

As I mentioned previously, Jonah Kagen captures the feeling of young love; all the ups and downs, heartbreaks, and firsts in fewer than three minutes perfectly into a memorable and emotional song that continues the trend of this singer-songwriter creating perfect late-night tunes.

On an emotional level, listeners should have zero issues reminiscing while listening to Jonah Kagen’s “18.” The singer-songwriter’s latest single proves to be one of his best and should find a home in the artist’s growing catalog of sound perfectly.

Creating a wonderful experience filled with his own memories that translates into relatable qualities is the intimate touch Jonah Kagen continues to bring to his music, and “18” is no different.

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