About Blast out your Stereo

Blast out your Stereo. What is it exactly? It’s whatever you need it to be. It can be a new pathway to discovering your next favorite artist, or it can be your gateway to getting your music out to the masses.

Blast out your Stereo is about you. It’s about that feeling you feel inside when you see your favorite band live for the first time. It’s the happy tear-filled smile when you listen to your favorite sad song. It’s the times spent fighting over the car radio.

When music lovers come together, amazing stories can unravel. From individual experiences to growing a core group of friends. Music is one of the most aggressive and beautiful frontiers one can experience.

So, let’s start from the beginning one last time. Blast out your Stereo is home to the up and coming, home to the already established, and home to those dreaming about their moment. Started in 2011 and returning in 2019, let’s give this one more time with feeling.

Team Blast

When music lovers come together, great things can happen.

brandon flores editor in chief

Brandon Flores


lynda flores designer

Lynda Flores


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Founded in March of 2011.