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Exclusive: Benjamin Neil Shares Three Tracks From New Album 'Live Forever'

Florida-based pop-rocker Benjamin Neil is ready to live forever and plans on taking listeners for a ride with his upcoming album, Live Forever. We recently reviewed the album’s title track about a month ago, completely loved it, continue to play it almost daily, and have since kept in contact with Neil and were more than happy to work alongside the promising artist to bring all of you an…


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Alonso Madero - "The Cure" Review: Familiar Never Sounded So Sweet

Alonso Madero. Ever heard of him? No? Me either. But that might change if Alonso’s familiar, punk-filled guitar riffs have anything to say about it! Debuting his latest single, “The Cure,” Alonso hopes to ignite a career in the music industry after a few years of building hot rods since moving to the United States from Costa Rica. But is Alonso’s debut single enough to…
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