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Spinning The Record With Madisyn Gifford: Her Latest Single, “Prettiest Bitch” And The Future

Rising star Madisyn Gifford discusses her latest single, "Prettiest Bitch," her writing process, and the future.

Vancouver’s rising star Madisyn Gifford recently dropped what could be one of our favorite pop songs of 2023 so far with “Prettiest Bitch.” A relatable, unmasked look at oneself in the face of unconditional love. For reference, the track has been stuck in my head for weeks.

Looking to completely dominate 2023 with her brand of pop, Madisyn Gifford recently gave me a chance to learn a little more about her latest single, her writing process, and a future album.

First off, let me just say that “Prettiest Bitch” is a magnificent song. I loved all the complex bits surrounding the themes and how you decided to approach them. So, with that said, what was your inspiration to create a song like this?

Oh my gosh, first of all, thank you so much; I’m so glad you like the song!! And as for inspiration, I wrote it on my guitar one night just over a year ago while pondering over the fact that although I’m an incredibly flawed person and can sometimes be insecure about those flaws, I still want to find someone who sees me for everything that’s wrong with me and still thinks I’m the best anyway. So that’s basically what the song is about!

Continuing from the previous question, “Prettiest Bitch” instrumentally is quite relaxed, while your dynamic vocal delivery is powerful and fierce. Was this something planned out? Or did it just so happen to come out that way? A great contrast nonetheless.

I always love to contrast lyrics and vocal delivery with production if I have the chance because I think it can create a really cool tension, but with this song, I don’t think it was really too intentional! My producer Jared and I knew we wanted to do a 90s sort of thing with it because that’s what I pictured when I wrote it, but we ended up making at least 3 or 4 other versions before we finally landed on this one, and it just stuck!

Regarding your new release, which string of lyrics would you say is your favorite? And why? Mine would have to be, “I spill my guts to people I don’t even like.” “Prettiest Bitch” overall provides quite a relatable experience.

If I had to pick, I would definitely say the second pre-chorus; “my dirty laundry’s hung out front, I keep my closet doors unlocked and toss my skeletons out like party favours.” It makes me feel so seen, and I love it.

You’ve mentioned before that “Prettiest Bitch” is a song about loving yourself, flaws and all. Would you say you’ve managed to achieve that with this song? Also, do you have any words for listeners who have yet to come to terms with themselves?

I definitely would say I achieved that for myself because whenever I’m super honest in my writing and am able to make myself feel seen, I always think I’ve captured whatever it is I’m meant to in that piece! As for words to anyone coming to terms with their insecurities, I would say that the main advice I give myself is to look outside yourself. Whether that means helping others, finding faith, or pursuing creative pursuits, finding purpose beyond myself always makes me feel the most confident.

When comparing your new single against your previous releases, is there anything you can think of that you changed regarding your songwriting process? Or was it still a mixture of what you were already doing before?

I wouldn’t say so with the songs I’ve put out post “I Hate Ur Guts.” Most of the songs I’m putting out more recently I wrote myself before bringing them to anyone, so it was just me and my guitar! Which is the way it’s always been 🙂

Alright, random industry question I’ve been asking around. Many artists have opted out of full-length albums for a more singles-focused release approach, leading them to success. Would you say there’s still a place for full-length albums? Or are they slowly being shown the door?

I totally get why people have been veering away from releasing full-length projects, but for me personally, creating an album with an overlying theme and a story is my favourite part of making music, so I have no intention of ever giving that up!

Before this final question, let me say thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. “Prettiest Bitch” is 100% going to be the next ear-worm sensation, and the fact that it’s truthful and relatable makes it even better. With that said, what’s next for Madisyn Gifford? Any touring plans? Hopefully more music this year?

Thank you so much for having me and for all of the kind words! No touring plans in the works, but I do have an album that I am so beyond proud of coming out not too far from now! 

Madisyn Gifford’s latest single, “Prettiest Bitch,” will become your new weekend anthem once you give it just one listen. It’s a catchy, relatable tune that has me excited for Madisyn’s upcoming album, which in her own words, will be here sooner than later.

If you’re ready to keep “Prettiest Bitch” on repeat, give Madisyn Gifford’s latest single a spin on Spotify & Apple Music.

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