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Darro Shares Haunting New Music Video For "Used Me (All Along)"

Blast out your Stereo’s favorite nu-emo rocker Darro dropped a new music video for his track, “Used Me (All Along),” that features Jojo Evangelista taking the role of a demonic ex-lover. Directed by himself and Mike Monto, the haunting music video for “Used Me (All Along)” takes Darro and his band of misfits deep within a candlelit haunted house to confront the demons…


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Johnnie Guilbert - "All My Friends Are Dead" Review: Friendship Is Overrated

Man of a million minds Johnnie Guilbert is at it again with his latest single, “All My Friends Are Dead.” Guilbert’s latest single was released in August, but it’s never too late to review good EMO music. “All My Friends Are Dead” brings the classic EMO nostalgia-fueled sound back for a few rounds in 2021 while also cementing Guilbert’s place in the…
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