Single artwork for Kitty's latest single, "Shotgun."

Kitty – “Shotgun” Review: Do You Have The Strength To Leave?

Singer-songwriter Kitty explores the darkness in her mind with her latest single, "Shotgun."

Singer-songwriter Kitty is prepping the world for her upcoming debut EP with the release of her latest single, “Shotgun.” The haunting single conveys the need to leave someone while not having the strength to do so.

Big themes are at play, and hearts are heavy compared to her debut single, “Sucker Punch.” So, does Kitty now have the strength to move forward and grasp the spotlight? Or will her darkening perspective barely be able to hold up her upcoming EP? Let’s find out.

Kitty wastes zero time throwing listeners into a flurry of emotion, riding each note sung from her desperate voice. Cracks and bruises showcase as the singer-songwriter continues her onslaught on the heart, bringing dread and nightmares into the light as she slowly finds the strength of her voice to overpower even the harshest of feelings.

Instrumentally, “Shotgun” is quite simple but carries the heavy weight of burden that matches perfectly with each lyric being sung, and the overall vibe of fear carries perfectly into the night as my senses get lost in the intrusive strums of the guitar and rumbling cracks of the drum.

As her sophomore single, “Shotgun,” leaves “Sucker Punch” in the dust as Kitty further showcases her serious pull, not being afraid to share her emotions and experiences. Putting it all on display, creating memorable and relatable qualities that listeners should have zero issues connecting with during their first listen.

“Shotgun” isn’t the type of song I’ll have on repeat constantly. But it’s also a song I don’t see myself skipping through whenever it shows itself. As I’ll long to get dragged into the darkness of reality and the power struggles at play, hopefully, I will find the strength to reveal the truth and not hide from life’s hard decisions.

Kitty has the relatable qualities to shine bright in the dark, and with songs like “Shotgun” at her disposal to help reign in the more brilliant aspects of her songwriting, she has a fantastic career in front of her.

This singer-songwriter isn’t afraid of the creatures that live in the dark parts of her mind, and I’m a lot more intrigued by what else might show up in her debut EP when it’s released sometime in 2024.

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