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KiKi Holli – ‘Chemical Love’ Review: An Emotionally Compelling Masterpiece

KiKi Holli's latest thematic EP, 'Chemical Love,' will transport you across sound. But is it worth a listen? Find out in our review.

Indie-pop artist KiKi Holli has created an emotionally compelling world in the form of her latest EP, Chemical Love. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like The Cure and PRINCE, KiKi Holli also utilizes her rich theatrical background to create a playground for the mind.

But is KiKi Holli’s Chemical Love enough to keep waning attention spans intrigued and engaged? Or is the six-track release just the first step into obscurity? Let’s find out.

The slow burn of “NEW HIGH” is engaging and keeps the senses invested, frequently getting lost in the soft tones of KiKi Holli’s lush and vibrant vocal delivery.

Instrumentally, “NEW HIGH” provides an array of build-up, leading to a pleasing pop of sound like a balloon breaking earth’s atmosphere. Everything about this track is smooth like butter, with KiKi Holli commanding the knife, slicing away at the dead space in between.

I’ll admit to having “all day/all night” stuck in my head while losing myself to the broadway qualities of “NEW HIGH,” investing time to create mental characters to play in the beautifully melancholy soundscape on display.

With the strength of her vocals on full display, KiKi Holli continues to stimulate the senses with her beautiful delivery and sensationally calm melodies. Like a plush lullaby, “Play To Lose” keeps the stakes high but doesn’t lose the late-night atmosphere surging throughout.

KiKi Holli “plays to lose” but doesn’t have to fear losing much as she’s already taken over the minds and hearts of listeners willing to lose it all while losing themselves in the profound nature of “Play To Lose,” a fantastic track taking on the themes of risking it all and not settling for less.

“Play To Lose” flows through the ears perfectly alongside “NEW HIGH” as these two tracks begin a new life, rent-free on the tip of my tongue, each lyrical word parading around my vision like a vivid high built on exceptional sound play and rhythmic, earworm choruses.

When you think KiKi Holli’s vocals have hit the ceiling, she hits listeners with her unique take on Roxy Music’s “More Than This.” A beautiful opera embracing touch to the soul, fulfilling the sweet jazz memories of better love.

KiKi Holli’s rendition of “More Than This” sparks imagination; touching melodies take listeners on an adventure through sound while the jiving instrumentation keeps the blood flowing and hearts dancing to the sirens of impulse dance sessions.

A beautiful array of old and new comes together in perfect fusion to create a low jazz anthem for a new generation, the perfect soundtrack theme for midnight rom-coms and late-night drives through the walls of massive forests.

Taking a hard left turn, “Sun Playing Tricks” mixes the dynamics of Chemical Love, swapping the sweet sounds of passion and curiosity for the low breath of angst and experimental elements, tickling the surface of the mind as listeners are dropped into a rabbit hole of sound, as the track’s instrumentation gives way for massive bass lines that pull and tear at familiarity.

KiKi Holli’s infectious vocals also take a bit of a backseat as the track’s various instruments become the focal playground of the track. At the same time, she provides backbone support, strengthening each string pluck with a vibration of her own through the subtle use of her low-speaking delivery.

“Sun Playing Tricks” is mysterious and vague while continuing the big risk plays of “Play To Lose” perfectly, continuing to string listeners through Chemical Love’s smokehouse narrative.

“Officially” closing out Chemical Love, “It’s Chemical” brings the dance halls vibes back in full force as the sounds on display dance through the streets of the mind, inviting the senses to lose control to the sounds of experimentation and lust.

The perfect track to close out Chemical Love, “It’s Chemical,” sees KiKi Holli taking the reins once more, dancing around each note, flashing her trademark lush vocals and masterful delivery.

Closing out on a high note, leaving listeners dancing in their rooms, singing loud in cars, and ultimately losing themselves to the forever beats, “It’s Chemical” wraps things up with a nice bow.

The Lux Mundi mix of “NEW HIGH” adds an extra layer of mystery while also bringing the track to the heavens for a full explosion light show that perfectly matches the vibes and tones of the original, opting for a full-blown dance party than quiet late night hang out with close friends.

The Lux Mundi mix is “NEW HIGH” set on perfected mode. This version of the track does nothing but improve the fantastic quality of storytelling and playful instrumentation of the original, keeping spirits high and the senses bright. A beautiful extra piece of sound to lose yourself in.

KiKi Holli’s latest EP, Chemical Love, is the real deal. The narrative storytelling between the five tracks is beautiful, thought-provoking and kept me tuned in for the entire twenty-two minutes, not once letting my attention falter to the wayside. As mentioned, the Lux Mundi remix of “NEW HIGH” also kept my interest, where so many remixes fail.

Chemical Love provides an emotional connection with the power of music. Any listener picking up KiKi Holli’s latest release should have zero issues falling in love with her sweet melodies and blood-rushing instrumentation. This release has it all, and I’m excited to hear how KiKi Holli expands from Chemical Love onto her next release.

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