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Robert Grace – “Casper” Review: A Haunting Anthem Drenched In Relatability

Robert Grace is haunting your playlist with his latest catchy single, "Casper." A unique music experience that will find listeners deep in their own mind.

Music man Robert Grace has taken TikTok by the throat with his latest single, “Casper,” an intriguingly catchy song that has had me running marathons in my mind for almost a month as I spent an unhealthy amount of time down the rabbit hole that is this man’s fantastic catalog.

In its “open verse” cycle on the social media platform, tons of other writers have created excellent additions to the track; I was reminded that I had my review of “Casper” chilling in my phone’s notes app. Returning to “Casper” to see if my initial opinions had changed was an experience all in itself.

So, how much lasting power does Robert Grace’s latest single have? Is it already winding down for the next hit? Or is this just the beginning of the haunting tune? Let’s find out.

Heading into what should be the warm SoCal summer season, “Casper” has quickly become one of my favorite songs. Robert Grace and his son’s haunting vocals have made my mind the home of their permanent residency as I sing “my friends all call me Casper” constantly, losing my sanity with each rotation.

Utilizing an array of subtle beats, backdropping the hypnotic vocal delivery provided by Robert Grace proves to be a perfect combination for an authentic genre-defining experience that could very well have any listener hooked within the first keynotes.

“My friends all call me Casper/’Cause they know I’m dead inside” could very well be a contender for lyric string of the year if such an award were to exist. It’s basic in form but in meaning, is mind twisting, grasping at the mental gymnastics that many, including myself, go through day in and day out.

“Casper” is an explosive mess of pure dark bliss, a shadow in the sunlight, a close friend you dislike seeing, and a pure vibe that listeners should be prepared to have on repeat for hours on end.

With each new listen of “Casper,” I find myself on a unique experience depending on the activity I’m doing while the track is spinning; If I’m exercising, I oddly find a sign of relief, yet when I’m sitting in a lounge seat, I find myself deep in my thoughts as I reflect on my memories.

Robert Grace creates a fulfilling song that should find meaning with each listener who takes the chance to hit play. The track is playful, deep-meaning, and filled with so much relatability it should be illegal. Including “Casper” among the already amazing songs under his belt, I’m excited to hear what this talented musician has in store for us next.

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