Photo from ONEUS' 2nd world tour: La Dolce Vita in USA at The Wiltern, Los Angeles.

La Dolce Vita In USA Tour Review: ONEUS Connect With TOMOON At The Wiltern

ONEUS took over The Wiltern in Los Angeles for their 2024 'La Dolce Vita in USA' tour for an unforgettable experience.

Constant rising K-pop boy group ONEUS has been traveling the world during their 2nd world tour promoting their latest EP, La Dolce Vita. The group’s La Dolce Vita in USA portion of the tour would see the guys venture to 11 cities across the United States starting in Seattle and ending in Los Angeles, all while connecting intimately with their TOMOON fan base.

ONEUS would take Los Angeles by storm for their high-energy performance at the always-wonderful Wiltern Theater. I arrived decently early to ensure a nice getaway parking spot and quickly came in contact with excited TOMOONs eagerly awaiting on the VIP side of the venue for their time to enter.

The vibes between the VIP line and the General line were both filled with excitement, calmness, and just overall joy. This was my first time dealing with the ONEUS fanbase and I’m glad they seem to have a sound community built around the group, with no toxicity in sight and just pure love for what the members of ONEUS are releasing into the world.

It didn’t take long before doors opened around 6 pm and a few more minutes for early entry members to make their way into the core auditorium. After a few confusing minutes of finding my seat, I met with a few fellow individuals who were also covering the show on behalf of their friend Alicia Zamora who runs Alicia’s Studio. The duo of Alexa Fierro and Jaemie Arriola were very friendly and I enjoyed our brief chat.

nxd la dolce vita oneus world tour los angeles wiltern
NXD (NeXt iDentity) jumps high during Wiltern pre-debut performance

It wouldn’t take long before special guests NXD would hit the stage with a performance of their upcoming debut single, “Jump.” A single I will quite possibly have on repeat as it’s already what I’ve been humming throughout the day.

RBW’s new boy group brought high energy and excitement to the crowd, quickly setting up the status of a group to keep an eye on. After a few introductions and crowd interactions, NXD would grant the audience yet another live performance. This time with their song, “Giddy Up,” which just like “Jump” already seems like a winner.

I was quite impressed with NXD, and from the atmosphere within The Wiltern, it seemed like the ONEUS fan base also seemed quite interested. RBW might have yet another winner on their hands with NeXt iDentity.

oneus la dolce vita los angeles
ONEUS kicking off their Wiltern performance

NXD would quickly see themselves off the stage and almost in a flash, ONEUS would appear and demand attention as they kicked things off in a dazzling combination of blue and white, with Xion, of course, sporting hair extensions to showcase his commitment to the fan base as he exclaimed later in the night that he deals with his longer hair look to please his fans.

ONEUS would keep the crowd fired up with amazing performances of “Baila Conmigo,” my personal favorite “ERASE ME,” and my current obsession, “Simulation.” Dancing could be seen throughout various aisles, tons of energy given off from the upper lodge area, and just continuous good vibes as fans sang along, moved their bodies, and ONEUS and TOMOONs became singular.

The group would of course take a small break to talk with the crowd, as cheers and whistles rang through The Wiltern, and smiles across the faces of Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion could be seen. It’s always a beautiful thing to witness, the passion between an artist and their fan base and the connection here was perfection.

oneus wiltern la dolce vita 2024
ONEUS performing in front of a beautiful backdropped screen

ONEUS would continue the night with high energy performance after high energy performance, pumping out jaw-dropping dance moves and getting their fan base to get in on the dancing as well, teaching all in attendance just a small move to further the artist and fan connection they’ve set up for their live shows.

The humor between each member is genuine and hilarious, making small remarks and jokes, truly showcasing their brotherhood and just how far their relationship has come. Even going as far as seeing how Xion’s hair extensions would look on each member.

The show would also feature quite a few vignettes that would showcase ONEUS’ storyline dubbed, The Five Mermaids and the Red Shadow of the Dancing Woman, keeping the crowd engaged while the members were rushing around backstage changing outfits.

I loved the vignettes and felt more connected with whatever storyline the group was trying to tell. However, I couldn’t help but overhear a few unruly crowd members who expressed that such visuals seemed “useless.”

oneus la dolce vita wiltern sitting down
ONEUS getting intimate

The evening was moving quickly as ONEUS would also include unforgettable performances of “COME BACK HOME,” “Lion Heart,” and of course a very intimate showcase for “Halley’s Comet.” Each performance showcased the members of ONEUS beautifully as they left their sweat and dance moves on the stage of The Wiltern.

I once again can’t emphasize enough just how funny the members of ONEUS are, as during a segment of the show, a joke would come up involving mishearing an audience member saying “sandwich,” and would a few minutes later have the group expressing how good their vocals are and sandwich.

Tons of funny moments made my time during the La Dolce Vita in USA tour incredibly memorable and not something I will quickly forget as the post-concert depression is still high.

ONEUS would finish off the non-encore section of their concert with an electrifying performance of “No Diggity” before disappearing into the dark corners of the stage and reappearing dressed in personalized Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys.

oneus wiltern la dolce vita 2024 dodgers
ONEUS all smiles during their encore

ONEUS would command the crowd up once more from our seats with the plea of giving them all the energy we had left for their remaining songs, and let’s just say the Southern California crowd did not disappoint. The vibes were high and the energy was contagious. A fantastic last push to bookend an amazing live show experience.

During their final songs, the members of ONEUS would take their energy into the crowd as member after member would make their way throughout the Wiltern theater, connecting personally with their dedicated fanbase, taking pictures, singing together, dancing, and just overall creating long-lasting memories for those in attendance.

ONEUS truly pushes the envelope for their TOMOONs and it shows the dedication both the artist and fanbase have for each other.

oneus dodgers wiltern
ONEUS sporting their personalized Dodgers jerseys

ONEUS’ La Dolce Vita in USA tour was exciting, engaging, and just everything one could want from any kind of concert. From the group’s infectious smiles to the crowd’s unwavering energy, it was a memorable experience that already has me excited for when they come back around in the future as they constantly teased an upcoming comeback.

I know I’ll be there, and hopefully, you will be as well for a truly unforgettable experience.

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