Single artwork for Jamie Miller's "Maybe Next Time" featuring Day6's Young K.

Jamie Miller – “Maybe Next Time” Feat. Young K Review: Experience Heartbreak In 3 Minutes

Jamie Miller's new version of hit single, "Maybe Next Time" featuring Young K of DAY6 will have listeners experience heartbreak in 3 minutes.

A few months ago, international sensation Jamie Miller further took hold of the pop world with the release of his heart-smashing single, “Maybe Next Time,” paving the way for this talented vocalist to accomplish even greater things than his sensational run on The Voice UK.

Jamie, however, didn’t inflect enough heartbreak into the world, as the vocalist teamed up with DAY6’s Young K to further smash our tiny beating buddies with a new, somehow even more emotional rendition of “Maybe Next Time.”

But how much better is this new version of Jamie Miller’s hit sad-pop tune? Let’s find out.

“Maybe Next Time” was already one of the more emotional songs I had fallen in love with when Jamie Miller originally released the track back in May. It also quickly became a song I had on replay for quite a while, and I’m pretty sure this version featuring DAY6’s Young K will overtake it pretty quickly.

Already proving to be a bonafide heartbreaker, this new version of “Maybe Next Time” pairs Jamie Miller’s soothingly broken vocal delivery with Young K’s fierce style that is perfect for the senses and adds a little extra gut punch.

The duo provides a different layer to the emotional song, creating a scrapbook of memories catering to the painful emotion of heartbreak.

This new but familiar take on “Maybe Next Time” should quickly invoke tears as listeners are whisked away to the broken down highways in their minds, as lyrics such as, “you’ll be the one and not the one that got away” constantly replay on a loop built on broken promises and shattered hearts.

Jamie Miller perfectly captures heartbreak in the span of 3 minutes, with Young K taking the tune to new heights as only a member of DAY6 would know how, a group not new to the emotional battlefield that is sad pop.

Young K’s addition to “Maybe Next Time” just goes to show Jamie Miller and his team know how to break hearts in the most soothing of ways. Jamie will no doubt be a powerhouse player as his journey into the pop world continues, and if he continues to release initial tracks like “Maybe Next Time” and perfectly puzzled together collabs like this one, that journey should find itself some handy shortcuts along the way.

Come on, Jamie! I’m ready to have my heart broken even more with your next release.

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