Single artwork for Eric Nam's latest single, "House on a Hill."

Eric Nam – “House On A Hill” Review: An Ear-Worm Prescription

Eric Nam is tackling the realty industry with his new single, "House on a Hill." The highly-anticipated comeback for the Dive Studios champion.

Powerhouse Eric Nam is getting into the realty business with his latest single, “House on a Hill,” a sad-pop-sounding bop that might be the next song to get stuck in your head throughout the summer season.

Taken from his upcoming album of the same name, “House on a Hill,” is Eric Nam’s return to music after the talented interviewer took over social media with his last album, There and Back Again.

However, does “House on a Hill” pave the way for further success as a vocalist for Eric Nam? Or, were listeners quick to forget all about this Dive Studios champion? Let’s find out.

Talk about a song that encapsulates all the thoughts that have dragged me around for the last few years, and you’d get Eric Nam’s “House on a Hill.”A song filled with its own set of “ifs” that took me on an emotional ride into the depths of my mind coming out the other end appreciating my self-happiness and worth.

“House on a Hill” could very well be one of Eric’s best releases to date, and it’s only the title track and first single off his upcoming album. “House on a Hill” left me with high expectations for the remaining house tour that will come with the following tracks.

The thing I’ve begun to notice with Eric Nam that sets him apart from others in his genre bubble is just how relatable he manages to come across in his music, the themes of his songs aren’t larger than life, but the smaller-scale sets his music up for success in an easy to digest highly relatable form.

I felt connected with “House on a Hill” before the track’s first chorus even came into the field of view, an aspect I suspect other listeners will also feel.

Making a connection with the string of lyrics, “What if being happy isn’t what I thought,” and the ramifications that come with such a powerful question. Eric Nam plots the perfect land for “House on a Hill” to flourish, leaving me feeling just a bit more content with what I already have and not wishing for more.

It’s the song’s thought-provoking themes that transform what some would say is a simple sad-pop song into a phenomenal experience that sets “House on a Hill” on track for Single of the Year.

Eric Nam proves he’s more than just There and Back Again or another comforting personality for Dive Studios as he brings us back to connecting with ourselves in the form of a stronger sense of simply living life for what it is. “House on a Hill” has strong legs, and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the concept of the song evolves as Eric Nam invites us into the exquisite home, and it pairs with the other tracks featured on his upcoming studio album, releasing on September 8.

If you’d like to experience “House on a Hill” and Eric Nam’s other infectious songs in a live setting, you’re in luck, as tickets are available right now for the House on a Hill world tour.

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