Artwork for FLØRE's new single "ALIEN."

FLØRE Drops Latest Single “ALIEN:” A Must-Listen

FLØRE is looking for a true friend with the release of her new single, "ALIEN." An electro-pop must-listen.

On the hunt for a true friend? Singer-songwriter FLØRE knows the feeling with her latest single, “ALIEN.” An electro-pop playground of endless emotion.

Explaining the thought process behind her new single, FLØRE shares, “‘ALIEN” is about finding a true friend, someone who makes you feel like you found your home. The song deals with the feeling of being a freak most of the time, but once you find a like-minded person, you realize you’ve never been wrong, and you’re perfect the way you are.”

FLØRE’s latest single perfectly conveys the emotions of finding a true friend in an electro-pop wrapper that’s perfect for everyone. “ALIEN” is a somber yet impactful experience that left me with a smile. A great release that has me excited for the next.

If you’re like me and now can’t get enough of FLØRE’s addictive sound, make sure also to check out her previously released single, “ZOMBIE,” as well as the rest of her growing catalog of bangers.

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