Angels & Airwaves Begin Teasing April 30?

What could Angels & Airwaves possibly have planned for April 30? Earlier today, the band released a cryptic social media post with the caption “back before we were broken-hearted?” with what appears to be the date of April 30th towards the end. It’s no surprise to fans however, as frontman Tom DeLonge has been hard at work with Angels & Airwaves members David Kennedy and Ilan Rubin for a better part of the year.

It’s clear fans should be expecting new music from the arena rock band, but should we all jump aboard the hype train for a new single to be released on April 30? Or, should we go into April 30 with a bit more of a level head and expect more of a single/album announcement, or even a small tour to get the band’s name out there again.

I for one am quite excited to hear some new music from Angels & Airwaves, as I personally haven’t seen the band this worked up about their recording sessions, cryptic teases, and other fun things they’ve been doing lately since the band’s 2010 full length album, LOVE. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a fan of Angels & Airwaves, that’s for sure.

Brandon Flores

Brandon Flores is editor-in-chief and a writer at Blast out your Stereo. He has been covering the music industry since 2011. He covers a wide variety of bands and artists from those just starting to those who already have a hold on the limelight. If you're looking for an unbiased opinion, then look no further.

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