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Woes Release Blood Pumping “Awful Truth”

Scottish punks Woes have released a new song titled, “Awful Truth,” in the pre-celebration of the coming release of their debut album Awful Truth via UNFD on June 28. Following previous singles “Fancy,” “Money Shoe,” and “Suburbs,” “Awful Truth” is an insanely catchy tune that will have pop-punk fans everywhere cheering with joy that another band that understands the genre has entered the fold.

While talking about “Awful Truth,” vocalist DJ stated, “it tells the story of leaving a relationship that has been good in the past but isn’t anymore. The cathartic feeling of knowing that you’ve moved on, and you don’t want to go back. You’re over it, it’s in the past, you’re done. We’ve always been really interested, lyrically, in those kinds of “two sides of the same coin” kind of stories.”

I can certainly pick up on a relatable playing field what Woes is bringing to the ball park with their latest song release. “Awful Truth” is a great song and I can’t wait to hear more once their debut album hits the inter-webs tomorrow.

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