Lincoln's new single "Baby Take My Acid" featuring Penelope Scott

Lincoln Partners With Penelope Scott For New Single, “Baby Take My Acid”

Cincinnati native Lincoln partners with glitch-pop artist Penelope Scott for a melodic new single, "Baby Take My Acid."

Cincinnati native Lincoln is back with another melodic single. This time in the form of the melancholic “Baby Take My Acid.” Featuring the excellent glitch-pop artist Penelope Scott, “Baby Take My Acid” is the artist’s follow-up experience to “Everything Is Wrong,” the title track of his upcoming debut album.

Lincoln’s latest single is a glitched-out timepiece that’s full of life, breathing new air into the genre. “Baby Take My Acid” should be a fun experience in a live setting and has me excited to check out Everything Is Wrong in full.

Lincoln is looking to release his debut album on January 13 and will, of course, feature “Baby Take My Acid” alongside Penelope Scott; the debut release will also feature Pollyanna and twelve total tracks.

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Brandon Flores

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