Still from Bava's "Back To Me (Me Ma Moop)" music video.

Bava Proves To Be An Addiction With Her New Single, “Back To Me (Me Ma Moop)”

Ear-worm wizard Bava continues to release catchy and vibrant bops with the release of her sophomore single, "Back To Me (Me Ma Moop)."

After releasing her previous single, “Itsy Bitsy,” I thought there was no way Bava could get her music stuck in my head again. Well, I was completely wrong… Bava’s sophomore single, “Back To Me (Me Ma Moop),” has taken over my dance moves and has me yet again excited for more of her slow-burn 2023 takeover.

Alongside the otherworldly catchy bop, Bava has dropped a new music video for the infectious single, directed by Morgan Maher, that compliments the track’s “bouncing back” themes and overall positive message.

Coming off as a clear ’90s throwback, Bava explains, “‘Back To Me” is a shot of pure serotonin. It marks the transition point-when you finally find your way out of a dark place and regain that surge of energy you thought was gone forever. I had a tough time navigating Los Angeles on my own with no family here, feeling extremely lost and meep-y, but I’m finally finding myself again.”

Utilizing hard-hitting emotional themes throughout catchy and vibrant dance-pop music was once a relic of the past, but Bava proves there is still an audience for this pop style while not losing the core of who she is.

We’ll be keeping our ears open for whatever Bava plans on throwing in there next, as she’s already two-for-two in terms of ear-worm masterpieces.

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Brandon Flores

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