Artwork for Laura Marano's latest single, "BAD TIME GOOD TIME."

Laura Marano – “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” Review: Moving On Has Never Been This Fun

Laura Marano brings good vibes and moves on in a fun way with her latest single, "BAD TIME GOOD TIME. But should you give it a listen? Find out in our review.

The dead space between a breakup and moving on is never an easy place to be, but Laura Marano’s latest single, “BAD TIME GOOD TIME,” brings good vibes and light-hearted fun if you find yourself stuck in the middle, ready to move on.

Already taking over headphones worldwide, “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” continues the success Laura Marano found with her 2022 released album, Us, building upon her strong foundation, ready to take over the music world.

But does “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” have the legs to stand firm? Or is Laura Marano’s latest single like a temporary relationship, simply fun for a small frame of time? Let’s find out.

Instrumentally, “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” keeps things subtle while world-building around Laura Marano’s soft-spoken vocal delivery, intensifying with each lyric spoken, opening the pages of moving on and finding an excellent spot to start the next chapter.

Describing the track as a “complete reset,” “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” certainly conveys the phases of moving on and having fun in the process. Nothing too serious, but a fun, danceable tune that will keep the nighttime vibes just right for a moment to bask in oneself, letting go, if just for a moment.

“You met me at a bad time/but can we have a good time?” Lyrically, Laura Marano’s latest single keeps to relatable qualities, fueling the mental gymnastics of casual dating and the notion of not entirely knowing what one wants at the moment.

“BAD TIME GOOD TIME” isn’t a dynamic arena anthem, but its intimate nature creates a fun atmosphere for the senses to let loose and lose yourself in the sweet melodies and dance hall-ready beats. I can already tell this is a no-skip track for late-night drives through moon-kissed city skylines.

Laura Marano’s “BAD TIME GOOD TIME” is the perfect track to transition from breakup to moving on, creating a welcoming atmosphere just to let go and see what life has in store within the present. No future, no past, just the here and now. A good vibe, dance-pop track that I suspect I’ll continue to play throughout the year.

If you can’t get enough of Laura Marano’s sweet vocal melodies and dance-vibe tracks, you’ll want to keep your ears open for her next release, “Arrow,” which you can pre-save right now.

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