Single artwork for FLASCH's debut single "Better Now."

FLASCH – “Better Now” Review: Turning Shadows Into Better Tomorrows

Songwriter Bri Flasch is putting themselves out there with their vulnerable new single "Better Now." The debut single from their solo project FLASCH. But is it worth getting excited about it? Let's find out.

Vocalist Bri Flasch better known as one half of bedroom-pop duo CyberGirlfriend, is gearing up to release their debut solo single, “Better Now,” tomorrow, September 24th. Releasing their debut affair under the moniker FLASCH, Bri describes their solo debut as a “glow-up anthem for the gays and the theys who finally escaped their toxic small towns. “Better Now” is both a “fuck you” to the haters and a self-love jam about actualizing your dreams as you become more spiritually aligned with your purpose.”

“Better Now” features a quite big thematic quality. But does Bri manage to stick the landing with their truth bomb anthem? Or, does FLASCH sink before getting the chance to float? Let’s find out.

The Review

“I miss the old days.” Don’t we all? Actually NO. Fuck the old days. At least to me. FLASCH’s debut single “Better Now” takes songwriter Bri Flasch’s own experiences of finding their truth and showcases them for the world to see. One of these exploits of finding themselves and manifesting the life they’ve wanted has to include the vocalist’s move from Minnesota to Los Angeles. An emotional endeavor filled with tears of leaving apartment six to fulfill their musical destiny.

Lyrically, “Better Now” is on another level entirely as Bri stands nude with their words in front of thousands of listeners as they teach us all to embrace our inner “fuck you” mentality. A strong trait that carries FLASCH’s debut single towards solid winds. “Nobody really knew me/Now they wish they knew the new me,” such a raw enrichment look at one’s self-worth described perfectly to relate on a whole other level. Listeners will have no trouble picking up “Better Now” quickly as they instantly find themselves singing along to the track’s very catchy chorus, “You’re better/Better/You’re better now.” I know I still have it stuck in my head.

Instrumentally, “Better Now” is a chill, relax out vibe kind of ordeal. Simple beats carry “Better Now” more than any complex arrangement could hope to. These simple tactics within the instrumentals make me a fan of Bri Flasch’s music, whether that’s their solo creations or the music they help put together in CyberGirlfriend. Sometimes simplicity is key, something I’m sure FLASCH’s producer Reef has come to know. I love the subtle guitar riffs throughout the track.

Overall, just a straight no-filler banger of a good time.

Wrapping Up

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FLASCH’s debut single, “Better Now,” set out to do one thing. Which was to help listeners embrace their truths, and it does just that. A song about turning one’s shadows into daybreak. An empowerment anthem for the rejects of society. “Better Now” showcases the best of Bri Flasch as they carve their path through our poison-filled music industry. Holding the torch for a brighter tomorrow. A simple track written in complexity that I’ll have on repeat for at least the rest of the year.

If you’d like to check out “Better Now” for yourself, you can do so starting tomorrow September 24th. In the meantime, why not do yourself a favor and pre-save the track now, so you don’t forget? Also, if you’d like even more chill vibes, you’re going to want to check out CyberGirlfriend’s debut EP, just friends 4ever, which we also recently reviewed. It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to be a fan of Bri Flasch’s music.

Brandon Flores

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