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"Some Kind Of Disaster" - All Time Low - Review

All Time Low is coming into the year 2020 filled with sunshine and high notes with their new standalone single, “Some Kind Of Disaster.” All Time Low’s new tune follows in the footsteps of the band’s recent live recording of It’s Still Nothing Personal: A Ten Year Tribute, which also saw the band embark on a fun-filled set of shows celebrating the 2009 released…
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"11:59" - EXNATIONS - Review

The experimental sad-pop trio, EXNATIONS simply couldn’t come into the year 2020 without making some noise, could they? After the successful release of their sophomore EP, Pink Haze, fans around the world clamored for more from this sad-induced pop band and the wait…
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MEST - "Masquerade" - Review

Pop-punk greats MEST are back with new single, “Masquerade,” from their upcoming album of the same name coming this Fall. Premiering first on Idobi Radio, MEST’s latest effort features original members Jeremiah Rangel, Nick Gigler, and Matt Lovato joining…