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blink-182 - "Blame It On My Youth" - Review

blink-182 have returned with new single, “Blame It On My Youth.” Taking a more mature look into the punk world, blink-182 are ready to try something new. Partnering up with producer Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult, “Blame It On My Youth” appears to be a personal story of bassist Mark Hoppus’ upbringing. blink-182’s latest single is a great “looking back at my…
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EXNATIONS - "Tether" - Review

Have you ever heard of sad-pop? Neither have I. But, it’s the genre a New York based three piece called EXNATIONS have decided to call home. The self-proclaimed sad-pop act have recently released a new single titled, “Tether,” which is lifted from their…
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Envoi - "The Seas" - Review

After a three year hiatus, Cleveland pop punk band Envoi have returned with a bang, a purpose, and most importantly: NEW TUNES. Kicking off their comeback, Envoi have released a new song titled, “The Seas,” which as frontwoman Madeline Finn puts it: “is a…