Single artwork for The Rose's new single, "Childhood."

The Rose – “Childhood” Review: A Beautifully Broken Masterpiece

Korean pop-rock band The Rose is back with their emotional new single, "Childhood." But, is it a good song? Find out in our review.

Who else is excited that Korean pop-rock band The Rose is active again? From announcing their HEAL Together world tour to the release of the band’s first single, “Childhood,” that’ll lead Black Roses to the release of their first full-length album, HEAL.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting time to be a fan of The Rose. Aside from “Childhood,” the band’s latest offering, the group’s most recent single had been the somberly released 2021 single, “Beauty and the Beast.” A phenomenal pop-rock banger that would end an era of The Rose before the band would begin to heal.

“Childhood” offers fans the first taste of what they can expect going into their upcoming album, HEAL—already amassing over 300k streams on Spotify alone. Is “Childhood” just more of the same? Or are The Rose taking their sound to new heights? Let’s find out.

Firstly, the harmonies between Woosung and Dojoon are wonderful and will captivate the senses, which in turn will whisk listeners off to a dreamscape atmosphere where their imagination is allowed to take over as they sing along with the talented vocalists, “should’ve followed my own dreams.”

Instrumentally, “Childhood” is a pleasant and calming experience that takes the mood down a few levels to allow listeners to hear their breathing and heartbeats.

A sensational experience that The Rose does wonderfully. Feel like you need to whine down a little? Sit in a quiet location and let the masterfully crafted instrumentals of “Childhood” wash away your problems, stresses, and fears. Your mental health will thank you later.

Lyrically, The Rose holds no punches back and quickly hits listeners in their feels with an array of lyrics that’ll have most sobbing by the track’s end or inner-thinking about their own lives.

“Dreaming ’bout my life/everything seemed so possible then/now I don’t even dream.” These words are naked, broken, and highly relatable. “Childhood” expresses the highs and lows of growing older in the span of four minutes—a beautifully broken masterpiece of words and sound.

And once more, the vocal trade-offs between Dojoon and Woosung intertwined within the track’s heavenly yet simple and relaxing instrumentals create a beautiful re-introduction to The Rose.

A song about holding onto your childhood innocence was an excellent pick for the group’s first single to represent HEAL. “Childhood” sets the tone of what should be a euphoric musical experience that will stimulate the mind and keep listeners filled with wonderment and joy, bringing the four-piece to new heights.

I can’t wait to learn that I’ve already listened to the track over 100 times before writing this review. The track is that mesmerizing.

Are you interested in owning The Rose’s upcoming full-length album, HEAL, physically? Make sure to get your pre-order in soon. I know I got mine the first day it went on sale.

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