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Hawthorne Heights Team Up With Brendan Murphy For New Single “Constant Dread”

Still from Hawthorne Heights music video for "Constant Dread"

The emo saints of Dayton, Ohio, are back at it again! Hawthorne Heights announced their eighth studio album, The Rain Just Follows Me, which is looking at a digital release on September 10th via Pure Noise Records. To celebrate the occasion, Hawthorne Heights has teamed up with Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy for their new single “Constant Dread.”

While talking about “Constant Dread,” frontman JT Woodruff shared, “when writing, I tend to dig through memories, both good and bad. In “Constant Dread,” I was searching through one of my favorite tour memories. Warped Tour 2007, in the tour bus village. One of our favorite hardcore bands, Counterparts, was hosting karaoke.”

“As I was standing there, Brendan hit play on “Niki FM,” and then threw me the microphone, and as I was singing my own song to a jury of my peers, I realized that I need to loosen up. This should be fun, not agony. When I thought about that moment while laying in bed in the throes of the terror-filled gaze of the moonlight, I knew we needed to put Brendan in this song. And I’m so glad he said yes because he absolutely crushes it.”

Hawthorne Heights’ upcoming album, The Rain Just Follows Me, also features Grammy-winner Cameron Webb playing the producer card.

“Constant Dread” is a great start of a new chapter in the storyline of Hawthorne Heights, and I can’t wait to hear the other 10 tracks come September 10th. If you’d like to preorder the band’s upcoming album on vinyl, you can do so by way of their merch store. The vinyl will be released on October 22nd.

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