Single artwork for Kylin Milan's latest single, "Could It Be You."

Kylin Milan – “Could It Be You” Review: Dance Your Heart Out

Kylin Milan is exploding onto the dance-pop scene with her debut single, "Could It Be You." A fun, bright, and spatial experience.

Singer-songwriter Kylin Milan has partnered with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Poo Bear to release her debut single, “Could It Be You.” The social media powerhouse hopes her dive into the pop world will be successful as she tackles the themes of love and the pursuit of it with her debut effort.

But is Kylin Milan’s debut into the pop world the same old thing? Or does the up-and-coming pop starlet stick the landing for a successful first outing? Let’s find out.

Firstly, “Could It Be You” will get listeners on their feet, burning steps into the floor as they dance for hours to the hyper-high-energy beats alone. Kylin Milan’s question-filled dance track is fun, filled with sparks, and jumped between my ears in perfect spatial perfection.

I felt connected immediately with the themes presented and instantly became one with the phenomenal chords and beats flowing freely throughout, not once missing the mark.

The creative attention to detail from both Kylin and Poo Bear is exceptional and brought dance life back to the forefront, if just for the track’s 3-minute runtime. The special chemistry between the creators kept me pumped on subsequent listens. “Could It Be You” is perfect for late evening drives, gym workouts, and fun dance room battles with one’s own reflection.

“Could It Be You” proved Kylin Milan has what it takes to tackle and tame the pop-dance world and has my blood rushing for whatever might come next. I’m sure whatever it is will be just as fiery and intense.

Kylin Milan’s debut single, “Could It Be You,” proves that being single while incredibly busy is fine. More should practice the “dating yourself” lifestyle more, as self-love can significantly boost mental clarity. The track is also pure fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and shows just the right amount of insight into the type of music fans of Kylin can expect more of as the year continues.

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