vi0let's new single "Cream and Peaches."

Vi0let Shares New Single “Cream and Peaches,” Releases Debut EP

Vi0let has unveiled her dreamscape new single, "Cream and Peaches," alongside the release of her debut EP, 'Believe Me When I Cry.'

Brighton-based singer-songwriter and overall badass vi0let unveiled her dreamscape new single, “Cream and Peaches,” alongside the release of her debut EP, Believe Me When I Cry.

Described as the soulful focus track of Believe Me When I Cry, “Cream and Peaches” is a dream-filled escape that showcases the incredible vocal work and lyrical expertise Vi0let brings to the discussion—an explosion of soulful ideas coming together in perfect harmony.

vi0let’s breathtaking debut EP is filled with five amazing, heart-string-pulling tracks that will keep listeners invested and coming back for more as this talented artist continues to rise towards the sun.

I was in the honeymoon stage with someone and one morning we woke up and it was a sunny day in Brighton. I had to go to the studio that morning so I left early, grabbed a coffee on the way and felt like I was on cloud 9. I never wanted this feeling to end, feeling so safe and comfortable. I got in the studio and wrote “Cream and Peaches” in about 15 minutes, it just flowed out. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made especially because vocally I really put myself out of my “safe zone” and it motivated me to continue to push myself with what I’m capable of doing. “Cream and Peaches” is a flirty and fun love letter to the honeymoon stage.

vi0let on creating “Cream and Peaches”

Effortlessly genre-hopping between genres ranging from R&B to pop with elements of hip-hop, vi0let has an impressive career on the horizon. We’re excited to see how these five tracks translate to a live setting.

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