Amelia Wray "Disappear" lyric video

Amelia Wray Explores Unrequited Love With New Single, “Disappear”

Amelia Wray explores unrequited love with her new single, "Disappear," with an accompanying lyric video.

Acclaimed actress Amelia Wray has released her much anticipated new single, “Disappear.” A song drenched in unrequited love and the relatable emotions that come with it, “Disappear” is a sentimental ballad that takes Amelia Wray to new heights. “Disappear” is a track we’ll be diving deeper into with a review in the near future.

The accompanying lyric video is beautifully put together and perfectly enhances the emotional themes of “Disappear.” Amelia Wray’s new single was co-written by Michael Orland and Bill Grainer, with Miklos Malek taking the role of producer on the track.

“Disappear” is about being more than friends – but less than lovers – with someone for over a year, and suddenly one day everything changes. It leaves you feeling lost and confused when they act like nothing ever happened between the two of you. So I wanted to write a song that everybody could relate to when they’re pretending or acting like you just disappeared into thin air, which doesn’t seem fair because you’re not able to do that yet… You can’t let go so easily.

Amelia Wray on her new single, “Disappear.”

Following up her debut single, “Moved On,” “Disappear” gives fans and new listeners yet another taste of what Amelia Wray has in store as the actress continues to write and record songs for her upcoming yet-to-be-titled EP.

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