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The Ghost Club – “Don’t Let Go” Review: Stadium Anthems Are Back On The Menu

Pittsburgh rockers The Ghost Club are bringing stadium anthems back with their latest single, "Don't Let Go." But should you give it a listen? Find out in our review.

Here’s another one for the Instagram-sponsored algorithm that seems to do a fantastic job at finding me new artists to rave about. This time, it’s the alterative-rock band The Ghost Club and their latest Killers-esque single, “Don’t Let Go,” which continues to blow up on social media.

This song is a personal thank you to the people in life that hang around through the lows and continue to guide you. You learn very quickly who truly cares about you when you are at your lower points. It can also be listened to in another sense, as a reminder that no matter what, whether you’re walking, running or crawling, never stop moving forward.

The Ghost Club vocalist Domenic Dunegan on “Don’t Let Go.”

But alongside the band’s infectious past releases, does “Don’t Let Go” add enough to keep fans and new listeners invested in The Ghost Club? Or is this track’s social media takeover as far as it goes for these Pittsburgh rockers? Let’s find out.

“Don’t Let Go,” as a follow-up to The Ghost Club’s previous single, “Likes and Comments,” flows perfectly together for a soundscape explosion that should keep listeners vibing with the band’s infectious instrumentation and vocalist Domenic Dunegan’s massive vocal delivery.

Filled with sing-along qualities, “Don’t Let Go” is written in a thematic way that will keep the blood rushing, hearts beating, and it has proven to be a fantastic song to use while at the gym. The rhythmic delivery of lines like “the roads just winding and bending/but it’s got to go somewhere” is perfection for the mental gymnastics of the world.

“Don’t Let Go” is a stadium-ready anthem that pushes together a menagerie of different genre ideas that it brings The Ghost Club into the same league as rock band The Killers. A notion that has me excited for what the band’s next single and future album are bound to sound like from a narrative perspective.

I’m a sucker for storytelling, and “Don’t Let Go’s” story about true friendship and being at the bottom mentally is conveyed in a relatable manner while not losing focus of its rock song style and atmospheric touch. The Ghost Club isn’t going anywhere but up.

The Ghost Club hit it out of the park with their 2022 released singles, and with an assortment of songs ready to be released, they’re setting themselves up for an explosive 2023 with “Don’t Let Go” leading the charge, showcasing the band’s big dream ambitions and relatable storytelling. This track’s social media takeover is simply the beginning of much more.

If you’d like to keep the energy party going, you can watch The Ghost Club’s official music video for “Don’t Let Go.” Also, head to their official website to keep an eye on future tour dates.

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