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Now More Than Ever – “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” Review: Catchy, Fun & Colorful

Now More Than Ever is looking to take over the pop-rock world with their debut single, "Don't Rush, Don't Wait." Is it worth a listen? Find out in our review.

All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter is partnering with friends Scott Chesak and Izzy Fontaine for a new pop-rock takeover in the form of a new band, Now More Than Ever, and their catchy interstellar debut single, “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait.”

We were all artistically on autopilot or sleeping, and the music woke us up.

Tyson Ritter on the creation of Now More Than Ever

But, is Now More Than Ever fully equipped for their space adventures through sound to break through today’s fast-paced pop-rock music scene? Or is “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” too late? Let’s find out.

“Don’t rush/don’t wait/don’t hesitate,” these three lyrical strings will get lost within the confines of listeners’ auditory cortex in a heartbeat. Injected by the sweet sound of Tyson Ritter’s infectious vocal melodies, each note is accompanied by flashy instrumentals taking listeners on an intergalactic journey of sound and color, an arrow shot from Cupid’s bow.

There are not many songs I can say show me visible color more than Now More Than Ever’s debut single. An accomplishment that comes with ease, showcasing a bright array of neon-centric color schemes as the band’s various sounds beautifully dance around the mind.

“Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” is catchy, fun, and everything listeners have come to love about this style of pop-rock storytelling. Describing their debut single as free, joyous, and adventurous, Now More Than Ever manages to accomplish more for the pop-rock genre in less than three minutes than some bands accomplish in an entire album.

I’m already hyped for whatever this trio of music makers has in store and can already feel the unrelenting energy a track like “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” can bring to a live stage; the sights and sounds of colors and screaming fans is going to be amazing to witness.

Now More Than Ever is setting themselves up for pop-rock royalty as fans have been wanting more catchy anthems from the All-American Rejects frontman and, with his latest musical project, manages to bring the sound of youth to the airwaves. “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” is a soundscape filled with fun melodies, infectious instrumentals, and a nostalgic feeling for the unknown.

Joining “Don’t Rush, Don’t Wait” in the near future will be Now More Than Ever’s debut album, Creatrix, which is currently planned for a March 17 release. So, expect this trio to potentially drop another single sooner rather than later.

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