Review for glimmers latest single, "Dreaming."

glimmers – “Dreaming” Review: Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

Atlanta-based pop-rockers glimmers break reality with their latest single, "Dreaming." But does it lead to more lies? Find out in our review.

Earlier this month, Atlanta-based pop-rock band glimmers, or yeehaw Paramore, released their second summertime single, “Dreaming,” which saw a lyric video release a few days ago.

“Dreaming,” a track that utilizes a behind-the-scenes technique to critique reality and make-believe, closed eyes vs. an open mindscape, flying or falling, “Dreaming” has it all.

But, is glimmers’ latest single enough to help the growing pop-rock band climb to the mountain top in front of them, their summit thrones awaiting their arrival? Or, is “Dreaming” the first misstep to an unfortunate downward spiral? Let’s find out.

Jumping right into the action, glimmers drummer, Jeremy Russell beats dreams into reality, bringing the group’s latest release to our brightly colored basecamp before Alex Downtain and Alex Norrell’s blaring guitars get listeners to the summit of sound they expect, jumping into any glimmers release.

“Dreaming” is a fairytale nightmare hellscape mashup, the feeling of wanting something that isn’t truly what’s right in front of you. Instead, opt for rose-tinted glasses that make the world around us beautiful, swapping greys for rainbows.

Falling for the lie is easier than swallowing the truth, and glimmers teach their listeners this life lesson in a fun, colorful package that doubles as a catchy, fast-paced pop-rock anthem for those long fall nights.

As listeners approach the summit in our make-believe storyline, bassist Ari Patwary’s gleeful strums provide a much-needed depth that pushes the track’s screaming guitars like a gust of wind beneath a pair of wings, launching “Dreaming” towards an open sky.

“Am I holding onto a moment?/or am I holding onto you?” A split scene relationship filled with sunflowers and dread, the truth and a lie. “Dreaming” features some of my favorite string of lyrics that I’ve heard this year thus far; “tell me why/I see what I want to when I’m sleeping.”

A beautiful string of complexity and despair also leads the way to a break in the darkness. A simple mixture of words that are given life with Maggie Schneider’s soul-giving melodies and overall vocal performance.

Together, glimmers bring “Dreaming” to the summit, teasing these talented musicians of their starlit kingdom, pushing their inevitable pop-rock takeover into a more likely reality.

“Dreaming,” a song made for the live scene. Breaking the rules of what’s real and what’s fake isn’t easy, but glimmers’ latest single will help listeners to their own truth. A beautiful pop-rock tune that begs to be overplayed as these pop-rock hopefuls steadily approach their own summit of success.

I can’t wait to hear more from this Atlanta-based pop-rock outfit, as the sky is currently the limit, and what’s coming next will push their envelope further and further towards the limelight.

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