SG Lewis Performs “Easy Loving You (Feat. Kamille)” For Vevo

Vevo and Britain producer SG Lewis have partnered together for a pair of live performances of “Blue” and “Easy Loving You” featuring the wonderful Kamille. SG Lewis is a premiere, in-demand producer, songwriter and DJ that knows his way around emotive, atmospheric dance-oriented electronic music.

The live performance itself put on by SG Lewis and Kamille was wonderful to hear, I didn’t think any version of “Easy Loving You” would sound better than its album counterpart, but here we are. The intimacy presented by both performers felt genuine, and the easy-going nature of the song revolving around the core, and relatable topics translated amazingly.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to experience both “Easy Loving You” and “Blue” in a live setting soon, as clearly that’s the best way to experience both of these specific tracks. If you’d like to bring “Easy Loving You (feat. Kamille)” with you everywhere you go, SG Lewis’ latest release Dawn can be found on all major streaming services. Also, head over to the Britain producer’s official website for touring details.

Brandon Flores

Brandon Flores is editor-in-chief and a writer at Blast out your Stereo. He has been covering the music industry since 2011. He covers a wide variety of bands and artists from those just starting to those who already have a hold on the limelight. If you're looking for an unbiased opinion, then look no further.

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