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Emei – ‘End Of An Era’ Review: Broken Pop At Its Finest

Emei just dropped the best pop-punk release this year with her debut EP, 'End of an Era.' Find out why in our review.

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Emei has dropped her debut EP, End of an Era, a collection of songs that is said to be filled with memories of existential dread, impatience, hesitation, and more! End of an Era sounds like a bubblegum-filled dark cloud, which is exciting.

But does Emei manage to capitalize on her move into early adulthood? Or is End of an Era the end of a journey before it even leaves the starting line? Let’s find out.

“Late to the Party” is filled with attitude and is just a straight vibe. Emei’s reluctance to care about the people her age sets the singer-songwriter apart from the rest of the pop world, who are consumed by the latest trend and what’s cool and what’s not. Emei, however, is a straight punk and isn’t afraid to show her viewpoint on the world with this track.

Filled with subtle beats at her disposal, Emei’s infectious vocal melodies and vibrant lyrical structure create the perfect “fuck you” anthem for a new generation of degenerates ready to pop the alt-pop balloon.

An artist like Emei is refreshing for a genre of the same old same old, and “Late to the Party” is the track to lead this new genre-defining renaissance with its catchy lyrics and mind-grasping vocal cues.

Emei putting together a whole anthem based on Ferris Bueller is perfect. Who doesn’t want to live the life of the most relaxed and hyped fictional human being in existence?

“Ferris Bueller” continues the attitude set forward in “Late to the Party” while consuming listeners with Emei’s no-bullshit personality in a song less than two-minutes long. The perfect track to set Emei apart from the pack while fueling her hatred for the mundane and boring lifestyles based on your traditional 9 to 5.

End of an Era’s second track is quirky and intelligent and gets straight to the point with the themes Emei is working with. A masterclass on sass that will have listeners singing along for hours.

“Recovering perfectionist, I’m learning to let go.” All you need to know about Emei’s lambasting “Trust Issues.” The track is fun, filled with truthful recounts of life’s wants and needs, and continues Emei’s trademark attitude towards the status quo. “Trust Issues” is an excellent look into the mind of a young adult learning to maneuver through life.

Emei’s use of subtle instrumentation has continued to be one of my highlights on End of an Era; her less is more approach is perfection to my ears, allowing the playful beats to dance around her haunting and siren-esque vocal performance.

“Trust Issues” is a top track off End of an Era that I can quickly see rising the charts the more listeners get their hands on Emei’s infectious EP.

If you’re not EMO for Emei yet, you will be after listening to “Regrets” more than a handful of times. “Regrets” is broken-pop perfection, and, surprisingly, the track isn’t being listened to more than the numbers streaming services throw in your face.

“Regrets” sees Emei and her infectious pop-rock instrumentation finally letting go in the form of a fucked up rainbow of exposition and reflection. “I shouldn’t have gone to college/should have been born a millionaire.” “Regrets” is Emei at the top of her game and should see the new pop-princess quickly making plays for the limelight where she’ll smash it into a million pieces.

What “Regrets” manages to accomplish in a little over two minutes is what pop artists try hard to achieve in a sprawling five-minute ballad—failing along the way.

Palm mutes for the eargasm in the form of “That Girl.” My favorite track off End of an Era, “That Girl,” is the pop-punk attitude that would make the likes of Avril Lavigne proud.

“That Girl” is fun, angry, and filled with enough truth bombs to fill the pop-punk genre’s quota. Emei doesn’t disappoint with this release, and with songs like “That Girl” to elevate her unique take on various genres, there’s more than enough room for her to take over the scene with ease.

This is the type of track I’d die to experience in a live setting, as the attitude and in-your-face pressure is enough to create the craziest circle pit—an enjoyable experience.

Bookending a fantastic musical experience, “End of an Era,” does not disappoint. Fitting the high-energy levels of “Regrets” and “That Girl,” the EP’s title track brings things to a close in a satisfying way, leaving listeners hanging by a string, wanting more.

The swap between subtle beats to screeching guitars over the EP is an excellent use of sound that transitions from bubblegum-pop to the fast-paced nature of pop-punk. Emei took a trip through the different levels of pop and came out with one of the best pop-punk albums I’ve heard this year.

Lyrically, “End of an Era” is fun and easily singalong-worthy. Yet another track I can’t wait to experience in the confines of a live setting. Emei best open that circle pit for this track during each show. Don’t mind me; I now have to hit replay several more times.

Again, you’re doing something wrong if you’re not EMO for Emei after listening to one of the best pop-punk albums released this year. End of an Era has everything a fan of the pop genre could want as Emei explores each iteration of the genre while staying true to herself within each track, never missing a beat to explore the person she has become through her experiences with life. End of an Era is a one of kind release, and I’m already looking forward to what she has coming next.

Want to experience End of an Era live? You’re in luck if you find yourself in Los Angeles, as Emei will perform at the Bardot in Los Angeles during the School Night showcase on Halloween.

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