Still from Gatto Black's "Escape You."

Get Out Of Your Black Hole With Gatto Black’s New Song, “Escape You”

Gatto Black is coming out of the black hole with their toxic new song, "Escape You."

Get dark and emotional with Gatto Black’s latest song, “Escape You,” right from the crazy mind of songwriter Sal Mastrocola. “Escape You” sets itself up as the perfect theme song for your latest and greatest toxic relationship, and will have listeners yelling along almost instantly.

On the topic of “Escape You,” mastermind Sal Mastrocola shares, “Almost everyone probably has one (or a few) of those relationships where it’s just so blatantly clear that you’re terrible for each other – but there’s something that keeps you in the game.”

“Maybe it’s the chemistry. Maybe you’ve mixed record collections. Maybe you’re just a masochist. I wrote this song about the struggle over whether or not to pull yourself out when it just hurts so damn good.”

Yikes, I can’t imagine mixing record collections with a toxic ex, the thought sends shivers down my spine! “Escape You” joins Gatto Black’s unique catalogue, including the 2022 released EP, 2 Stressed 2 Be Blessed, and the 2023 released single, “Solastalgia.”

“Escape You” was produced by Sal Mastrocola alongside Michael Hansen, recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Angelo. Gatto Black’s new song also features Josh Martin on guitar, Christian Adams on bass, and Michael Hansen on drums.

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