Single artwork for FLASCH's new single "everything will be alright"

FLASCH – “everything will be alright” Review: An Emotional Rainbow

Los Angeles misfit FLASCH is back with her emotional rainbow of a track, "everything will be alright." But, is it worth your valuable time? Let's find out.

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, FLASCH. That hair color-changing, scooter riding misfit that brings the streets of Los Angeles to its knees. As fate would have it, FLASCH is always working on her sound, crafting masterpiece after masterpiece from her work within CyberGirlfriend to her solo tracks; “BETTER NOW” and “i went crazy!” to name a few. This enigmatic pop artist is always thriving for more, and her latest single, “everything will be alright,” is no different.

Teaming with producer and Goth-pop icon in the making, Little Trauma, “everything will be alright” is described as a track to help keep your head up as you embark on this crazy journey known as life and everything it will throw your way. But does FLASCH continue to impress with her ever-changing sound? Or is her latest release the beginning of the end? Let’s find out.

The Review

FLASCH jumps right at the feels with a string of lyrics that quickly sends listeners on a whirlwind adventure down the emotional slopes of heartbreak, coming face-to-face with the grim void of the deep, singing; “Login to my telepathy/Tell me all of your conspiracies/Miss our codependency/I’d have you back if it was up to me.” Vocally, this is FLASCH at her best; her voice cuts through with power, immaculate range, and a sense of raw intuition that hooks listeners within seconds of the track’s first melody.

FLASCH’s vocal arrangement built a home within my mindscape where it still resides, festering a small community of little scooter-riding earworms.

“everything will be alright” is perfect if perfection was a stitched-up heart ready to separate. Instrumentally, “everything will be alright” is somber, gleeful, and relaxing—an emotional buffet for the senses that manages to trigger feeling after feeling—a smorgasbord of depression that leaves a smile planted right on my face.

FLASCH, Little Trauma, and the entire team behind this track deserve nothing but praise as beauty shines deep within the cracks, and this track displays that notion in full. I’ve had “nothing good in life is guaranteed” on rotation in my head for days now, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. FLASCH knows how to wrangle emotions, and her latest single proves she’s a true master at her art form.

Wrapping Up

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So, does FLASCH manage to create an uplifting tune in the dark with “everything will be alright?” That answer is one-hundred percent. Quickly becoming my favorite track from this Minnesota turned Los Angeles street misfit, it’s only a matter of time before FLASCH takes the music industry by storm, and with songs like this at her disposal, the airwaves are certainly not the limit of her talent. FLASCH’s music had my attention before, but now I’m wrangled in emotionally.

If you also enjoyed FLASCH’s latest single, let her know by heading over to her Instagram, where you can also keep up with her whimsical adventures in life. If you’d also like to support FLASCH in her musical endeavors further, why not spread the love over to her OnlyFans. FLASCH also has yet another new track on the horizon titled “REMIND ME,” which drops on May 20. So, keep an eye out for that.

Brandon Flores

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