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Get Scared Announce Hiatus In Emotional Video

Get Scared have officially announced they’re taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future. After plans to release their upcoming album The Dead Days fumbled to happen, the Get Scared fan base instantly jumped into “what’s happening” mode, and with not many answers at the time they were left quietly in the dark. Thankfully, guitarist Johnny Braddock has the answers and a dang emotional explanation for the band’s upsetting hiatus.

First, releasing the announcement of their hiatus on the official Get Scared Instagram account, Johnny Braddock urged fans to get the entire story of their hiatus via his own YouTube channel which featured a very detailed account of the happenings of the band going forward. The emotional video itself details the constant struggles within the band before and after the reveal that front man Nicholas Matthews had been using heroin, which would continue onward to members of the band not feeling comfortable enough to tour with Nick, not knowing if he would be okay or not with the stress that touring can bring.

Alongside this upsetting revelation, Johnny would go on to also stress that the band could have also worked more on communication stating, “I guess if there’s any moral lesson to this video, is that communication is far more important than a lot of things. So, even if it’s uncomfortable it’s something you should do and that’s something our band kind of lacked, has always lacked.”

Johnny goes on to let fans know that their aforementioned album The Dead Days would still see its release at some point in the hopeful near future, but that at the moment it’s on hold. We’re sending major love and support to all the guys in Get Scared, and hope Nick continues to find the support he needs, and will be here for their bright return.

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