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Zac Poor – “Ghost Boy” Review: It’s Gonna Be Ok

Storyteller Zac Poor's latest single, "Ghost Boy," is here to tell you things will be okay in dance-pop fashion. How great is the new single? Find out in our review.

Singer-songwriter Zac Poor is back on the scene with a saddening yet hopeful new single titled “Ghost Boy.” Coming to life through a letter Zac Poor wrote to his younger self, “Ghost Boy” tackles the unfortunate themes that coincide with coming out and the lowlifes of the world who have nothing better to do than break others down.

Helping along the way with his latest single, Zac Poor enlisted the work of vocalists Morgan Taylor Reid and Ameerah Roelants. But does Zac Poor’s heartbreaking letter translate into an empowering new personal anthem? Or is his latest single dead on arrival? Let’s find out.

Transporting listeners to a fairytale dreamscape, Zac Poor wastes zero time jumping into the auditory cortex as his haunting vocals parade around the whimsical instrumentals creating a perfect dreamscape fusion that will start with listeners dancing to the comforting sounds with each replay finding themselves delving deeper into the single’s themes of hatred and finding self-worth.

“I know it’s been a while/since I met you with a smile.” Zac Poor’s reflective storytelling is on full display, taking directly from his letter to himself, creating a heavy atmosphere to foster thought and emotional breakthroughs. “Ghost Boy” is the perfect example of taking past experiences and transforming them into a dance hall beast, providing the biggest middle finger to bigots worldwide; try all you want, but you can’t kill this vibe.

Lyrically, “Ghost Boy” is a masterpiece that does a fantastic job of getting listeners invested, feeling emotions running wild, and when paired with the high-energy beats, provides the perfect spotlight for night drives singing at the top of your lungs with no care of who might be listening.

Zac Poor does a fantastic job at creating “Ghost Boy” to be an emotional pop juggernaut in a time where it might not always be okay to share your feelings, and throws those notions to the wind, letting listeners know it’s okay to be yourself, no matter what anyone thinks of you. “Ghost Boy” is special; hopefully, Zac Poor’s ghost boy dances alongside him in the limelight.

In fewer than four minutes, Zac Poor proved why he is a storytelling genius and why his brand of pop will no doubt find a more powerful firewall of fans in no time. “Ghost Boy” is a powerful reflective look that’s heartbreaking and provides a hopeful thought of tomorrow, even if tomorrow continues to be filled with dark clouds. “It’s gonna be ok” is the main lesson I’ll be taking away from Zac Poor’s sensational new single as I keep its high-energy antics on repeat.

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