Single artwork for Boyu's latest single "Glass Of Wine."

Boyu – “Glass Of Wine” Review: Drinking The Sunset Away

Multi-instrumentalist Boyu unleashes his latest carefree single, "Glass Of Wine." But is it truly a carefree experience? Let's find out.

I didn’t think I’d be spending my Saturday morning singing along uncontrollably to an indie-pop song. But, here we are. Thanks a lot, Boyu! Multi-instrumentalist artist Boyu recently dropped his latest single titled, “Glass Of Wine,” which follows in the footsteps of his other insanely catchy bops; “Flower Garden” and “Hands Around Your Throat.” This guy won’t stop until he has the whole world singing along with him as he parties throughout the night.

But, is Boyu’s carefree sounding melodies enough to carry the aspiring artist to the mantle waiting for his arrival? Or, will he falter, fumble, and come crashing down harder than the moon in Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster movie, Moonfall? Let’s find out.

The Review

“We’re counting shooting stars on the side of my bed/And now your lips tattooed on the side of my neck,” and just like that, it’s right back in my psyche. “Glass Of Wine” will grasp ahold of listeners within seconds of Boyu singing, “Red wine to rewind all our memories, right?” Fusing forms of hip-hop and indie-pop like a mad scientist, Boyu describes “Glass Of Wine” as being about “wine-filled encounters & the ephemerality of modern romance,” and he manages to capture all of that in a less than three-minute sing-along smash. Legit question, why isn’t this guy bigger already? I highly suspect he will be globe-trotting the world performing his catchy as all hell tunes in a matter of years. Boyu’s success is inevitable.

Instrumentally, “Glass Of Wine” is nothing I’ve heard from modern indie-pop/hip-hop fusion. It’s a mix match bag of stadium-ready pop and simple, down-to-earth piano riffs that bounce around Boyu’s eccentric melodies, carrying this new single to absolute supernova status. I swear this track’s instrumentals are stuck in my head just as much as Boyu’s vocal seductive practices that will hook listeners for months. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started hearing this song playing around car stereos in Southern California in no time. I know I’m about to drive around blasting this masterpiece of sound perfectly loud.

“Glass Of Wine” is pure and straightforward an epic dance party, fueled by intricate lyrical structure and relatable qualities dancing around familiar melodies that hook, line, and sink listeners with ease. There is an explosive mix of sound and passion that I rarely hear from this genre in today’s musical atmosphere. Everyone’s more focused on creating the next “hit” instead of focusing on having fun along the way and making music you can be proud of—something Boyu doesn’t have to worry about.

An instant classic that will be in the running for Blast out your Stereo’s 2021 Song of the Year bracket. “Glass Of Wine” shakes up quite a bit of my favorites on the playlist already.

Wrapping Up

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Boyu and his buddy Zenii are making straight magic happen. Hopefully, this duo continues to create hit after hit along the way to stardom. “Glass Of Wine” is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to jump into this style of genre. It’s a welcoming, non-conceited take on a carefree attitude that will keep listeners coming back for more. As far as I can tell, this makes three hits in a row. I’m now off to further listen to “Glass Of Wine” even more.

Boyu should be gearing up to release his debut EP in the near future. But, until then, you can spin “Glass Of Wine” and the multi-instrumentalist’s other singles constantly through your favorite streaming services. If you’d like to keep up with everything in Boyu’s universe, I suggest giving his Instagram a follow.

Brandon Flores

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