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Opāru – ‘Gold’ EP Review: Breathtaking World Of Sound

Opāru is taking listeners into a world of creation with her new EP, 'Gold.' Is it worth a listen? Find out in our review.

Synth-pop artist Opāru is taking over the world one listener at a time with the release of her cinematic, experimental EP, Gold. Gold is described as representing the human mind’s transformation while moving from dark to light, with each track on the EP telling a unique story for listeners to break down on a personal level.

Gold is the hope in us all for a better place, the internal drive of our heart. This EP takes the listener on a journey through the various stages of becoming clear on their journey to their path to greatness. Each song represents a different part of the journey. Gold is the final destination.

Opāru on the themes behind Gold.

Opāru has found success writing music for TV and film but does Gold manage to continue that success? Or is Opāru’s latest musical effort destined to float to the bottom of the sea? Let’s find out.

“The Other Side” quickly takes listeners by the hand into the hauntingly beautiful soundscape created by the sweet sounds and longing melodies on display. Opāru’s soft and relaxing vocal cues are sweet to the ears and power the subtle instrumentation throughout the track to create a unique immersion experience.

Lyrically, “The Other Side” showcases Opāru’s excellent storytelling as each moving component of the track makes for a beautiful escape through the mind to a faraway beach where self-reflection is key. “I won’t give up on you/I promise I will get you through/to the other side,” a set of lyrical strings that can’t be matched in today’s, at times, unrelatable music sphere.

Opāru manages to grasp interest with “The Other Side” quickly and is a single that sets Gold aside from the rest of the albums flooding the genre this year.

“We will make it through,” my personal takeaway from “We Will,” as the second song featured on Gold, is my favorite on the entire EP. The larger-than-life presence on display throughout “We Will” is wonderful and perfectly builds the world Opāru creates with her music.

“We Will” presents listeners with emotional weight and an atmosphere like no other, creating singalong moments and tearful memory drifts as listeners are bound to lose themselves within the track’s continued subtle instrumentation that’s large in scope and beautifully glowing.

If you only listen to one track off of Gold, make sure it’s “We Will,” and you will be hooked the moment Opāru’s haunting melodies take hold.

I’m a sucker for huge thematic music pieces, and “Empire” delivers on all fronts. The characters my mind created while drifting through the empowering sounds of “Empire” were epic in scale and the battles featured were stunning. “Empire” stimulates the imagination, creating a playground of wonderment and sacrifice.

“Empire” continues the use of less is more when it comes to the song’s infectious instrumentation, dropping listeners through the void before lifting them inches from burning in the sun’s rays. “Empire” is powerful and mischievous for the senses and has me hooked from start to finish.

Listeners should have zero issues singing alongside Opāru’s stunning voice. Singing note for note, “I’m heading to the empire/to fight for the throne.” A powerful piece of music with Opāru achieving her goals of creating an empowering experience built on sound.

Ending things with a bang, “Gold” brings the story being told by Opāru wonderfully, leaving listeners with a sense of accomplishment and emotional closure. Instrumentally, “Gold” transitions from brooding beats and hopelessness to hopefulness and bright sounds that keep listeners in the sky flying throughout the world, thought up by Opāru.

“Gold” is uplifting, heavy in themes, and bookends with “The Other Side,” perfectly leaving me with a smile and sparkle in my eye. Opāru’s vocal delivery also gets a dopamine boost as she powers through the finale of her grand story, leaving me wanting more, itching to revisit the world in her mind like the ending of a good book.

In the span of fewer than fourteen minutes, Opāru has managed to make me her biggest fan. Gold is perfection in storytelling and showcases her unique musical abilities in a great light. The way she can create a living, breathing world within her music is something to be admired, and listeners should have this release on repeat, as each new listen is a new story waiting to be told.

Gold’s dynamic instrumentation, like a heartbeat fluttering through the motions, compliments Opāru’s vocal delivery and helps the synth-pop artist’s latest EP shine brighter than the north star among a desert sky. Gold is an EP I’d love to hear in a live setting from start to finish. I’m anxiously awaiting now for what might come next.

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