Artwork for Caroline Romano's new single, "Guts."

Caroline Romano – “Guts” Review: A Vulnerable, Fast-Paced Masterpiece

Alt-pop artist Caroline Romano is laying it down with the release of her new single, "Guts."

Alt-pop artist Caroline Romano is treating fans to her new single, “Guts.” Following her recent pop-R&B collaboration with Julian Rose, “Guts” has Caroline return to her familiar sound with what would be the equivalent of an open book that’s both catchy and relatable for returning and new listeners.

But is “Guts” enough to keep the spotlight on Caroline Romano and her raw, welcoming sound playground? Or is this new single just more of the same? Let’s find out.

If you’re like me and had no idea who Caroline Romano was, that will change with “Guts.” Quickly becoming one of my top artists for 2023, Caroline Romano is coming for blood as her new single pushes for dominance in the most vulnerable ways. Written on her sleeve, “Guts” positions Caroline for greatness as more continue to discover her relatable writing and welcoming vibe checks.

Instrumentally, “Guts” is fast-paced, packs a punch, and had my senses buzzing like stars painted across a clear night sky—a full-blown adrenaline rush. The pleasing vocal delivery by Caroline Romano is painfully beautiful, like the pages of a journal bursting at the ends. “Guts” provides an emotional overload and will have listeners dancing, crying, and overall vibing along with its memorable and relatable tones.

Overall, “Guts” is catchy, sensational and will quickly run the ranks of my top Spotify tracks as I continue to keep it on replay until I’ve become an addict in the best of ways.

“Guts” is paving the way for Caroline Romano’s eventual takeover and, with its relatable qualities, is sure to last like a never-ending flame. The diary approach to revealing your vulnerabilities to the people around you makes this new single a hit. It’s fresh while feeling comfortable and welcoming to the unknown. I’m now a fan awaiting the release of whatever comes next.

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