Still from Alice Merton's music video for her new single, "Hero."

Alice Merton Releases New Flame Starting Single, “Hero”

Alice Merton lights things on fire with her latest single, "Hero," and accompanying music video. Check it out here.

Some of you might know of Alice Merton, she’s a Top 10 charting artist across Europe, a successful coach on the German edition of The Voice, and she’s now entering a new chapter in her career with her latest single, “Hero.” Alongside a plethora of new material, including a b-side to “Hero” titled “Island,” which listeners can also stream today.

Alice Merton is celebrating the release of her fiery new single with an accompanying music video to give listeners the full “Hero” experience.

Being described as the “dark side of Halsey’s angsty modern pop and the electro-tinged alt-rock of Garbage,” Alice Merton shares, “everything I felt in the last year was summed up in the first two sentences of the song. It’s about the conflict of wanting something so bad but realizing you don’t have the strength to fight for it anymore. It talks about the discrepancy of wanting to be someone’s everything, and at the same time wishing they meant nothing to you.”

“Hero” itself is certainly an experience. And when combined with the track’s b-side, “Island” is a great way to kick off my Friday morning.

If you’d like to explore the world that Alice Merton is creating through her unique sound and experience even more great tunes, check out her Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, where you can also find all the information your heart might desire.

Brandon Flores

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