Artwork for Matilde G's latest single, "Hypocrite."

Matilde G – “Hypocrite” Review: Serious Themes Into A Pop Masterpiece

Matilde G is taking over the pop scene with her relatable powerhouse new single, "Hypocrite." But should you give it a listen? Find out in our review.

Singapore-based Italian pop artist Matilde G is on the rise, and with the release of her latest single, “Hypocrite,” she is looking to throw the pop world on top of its head. A radio-friendly tune that tackles the themes of cheating and the strength that comes with getting to the other side.

A cut-throat anthem that’s filled with relatable lyrics and danceable beats. But is a song like “Hypocrite” ready for the big leagues? Or is Matilde G not prepared to merge out of her lane? Let’s find out.

“Do not be ashamed because the true loser is the cheater.” As someone who figured out their self-worth after experiencing the gut punch of being cheated on, having a bright anthem like “Hypocrite” that understands the complex feelings that come with it is perfection. What Matilde G accomplishes with her latest release is euphoria for the heart and mind.

“Hypocrite” is a fun and chaotic pop track for the heartbroken and confused that is ready for the spotlight. The themes presented throughout “Hypocrite” are serious but packaged in an easy-to-swallow pill that is highly relatable and filled with enough “fuck you” energy that it could power a city.

Instrumentally, “Hypocrite” has a lot going on for it in the simplest of terms that helps fuel the outstanding range and powerhouse vocal delivery provided by Matilde G. Perfect production on display, “Hypocrite” is the perfect nighttime jam for late-night drives or bedroom mirror concerts.

Matilde G’s latest single should have zero issues finding a quick audience among the masses ready for a pop artist like Matilde G’s raw emotions and musical knowledge to take over. A powerful track to kick off 2023. I already have “I’ve become a master at your game/and I see that’s driving you insane” stuck on repeat in my head.

Matilde G’s “Hypocrite” is the real deal, and I can’t get enough of it and am already ready for her next release. “Hypocrite” succeeds through real-life experiences and relatable lyrical strings that pull on the heartstrings, creating the perfect backdrop for fans and new listeners. A powerful pop track that will leave a long-lasting impression.

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