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The Script – “I Want It All” Review: Searching For The One

Do Irish rock band The Script still bring their spark with their new single, "I Want It All?" Or, are these rockers a flicker in the night? Let's find out.

Irish rock band The Script never seems to put out a bad lead single, do they? You have the likes of “We Cry,” “For the First Time,” “Superheroes,” and many more. Well, these Irish lads are at it again with their latest single, “I Want It All,” which is to be included in the band’s greatest hits compilation, Tales From The Script, which is looking at an October 1st release.

Guitarist Mark Sheehan describes the band’s new single as delivering “all the ingredients everyone knows and loves.” While that might be true, frontman Danny O’Donoghue describes the upcoming greatest hits release as being a “springboard to our next chapter.” So, is “I Want It All” truly the start of a new chapter for The Script? Or is it simply the same old love story with no real ignition to propel the band even higher? Let’s find out.

The Review

I’ll agree with Mark Sheehan that “I Want It All” does contain all the ingredients behind The Script’s signature sound and formula that continues to pump out hit after hit. The guys in The Script are coming for heartstrings with this one, with lyrics like, “When it comes to love I’m searching for not just/Someone I can live with/I want someone I can’t live without,” listeners will have no choice but to feel moved, some might even shed a tear. I know lyrically, “I Want It All” is a top-five track for me when it comes to releases in 2021 so far.

Instrumentally, “I Want It All” is pretty somber and subtle, your usual love affair when it comes to clicking play on any of The Script’s many catchy tales of love and sorrow. But, being one of my favorite tracks of all time still happens to be “The Man That Can’t Be Moved,” “I Want It All” is charging up to take that spot with ease. It’s a slow thematic sensational piece instrumentally that will have listeners hooked within the first ten seconds, whisking them away to far-off dreamlands. I’d love an instrumental of this one.

Vocally, Danny O’Donoghue never skips a beat. At this point, I would literally pay to hear how this man sounds singing badly. The way O’Donoghue’s melodies wrap around the cascading instrumentals creates the perfect vibe for late evening car rides through winding forest roads. A perfect combination of sound to either wrap listeners in warmth to overcome great battles of the mind or help others escape from the loneliness of life’s tortures and graces; love.

I suspect, like the many grand anthems from The Script that have come before, “I Want It All” should be a beautiful experience within the comfort of a live performance. Familiar but enigmatic, the perfect combination of words to describe The Script’s approach moving forward.

Wrapping Up

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The Script’s future continues to be brighter than ever, and with continued hits like “I Want It All,” space isn’t even the limit anymore. I’ve been a fan since 2018, and I’ve never once doubted their ability to capture true magic in the form of a song. I predict, just like the hits released beforehand, that this one will be on heavy rotation for many as they continue to search for the one, the one they can’t be without.

Once again, The Script will be releasing their greatest hits album, Tales From The Script, featuring “I Want It All” and sixteen of their biggest hits on October 1st. If you’d like to pre-order the band’s upcoming celebration of their career, you can do so by heading over to their official website.

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