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KEANA – “In My Head (Ah Ah)” Review: Dream Pop Masterclass

Dream-pop music maker KEANA has dropped her latest mind-bending single, "In My Head (Ah Ah)." But is the track worth a listen? Find out in our review.

Dream-pop music maker KEANA has dropped her thrilling and mental-gymnastic anthem, “In My Head (Ah Ah).” Telling the story of a slow-paced relationship at the end of the relationship’s rope, “In My Head (Ah Ah)” is filled with sensational beats and catchy pop tropes that will numb the senses as KEANA’s soundscape washes over.

So, does KEANA’s new single, “In My Head (Ah Ah),” continue to blend reality with the dreamscape sensations she has come to be known for? Or is KEANA’s latest release just pandering to the senses? Let’s find out.

Right off the bat, “In My Head (Ah Ah)” makes a play for the auditory cortex as waves of “ah ah” kick the track off, creating a catchy playground filled with subtle beats and playful melody loops. If KEANA’s goal was to make a song that’s easily memorable and highly singalong-worthy, then she has hit her mark easily.

“In My Head (Ah Ah)” is for sure a vibe, as I found myself with the track on loop, each new listen being its own unique experience as my mind drifted off to the story being told within KEANA’s simple lyrical structure and complex themes of love-based paranoia and lack of interest.

These qualities help KEANA’s latest single become relatable and playful as her siren-esque vocal performance takes hold as each note being sung bounces off her unique yet straightforward instrumentation.

In a little more than three minutes, KEANA manages to tell a basic love-ending story that’s compelling and interesting, transforming these themes into a mind-numbing dreamscape experience that plays well with our current real-life autumn setting.

KEANA’s expertise in storytelling has her leading the pack within a genre that’s usually primarily focused on how “cool” something sounds. KEANA’s “In My Head (Ah Ah)” is a breath of fresh air as she doesn’t sacrifice storytelling for the track’s instrumentation.

This has me excited to experience more of KEANA’s future work, as she has quickly become an artist to keep a look out for.

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