Single artwork for Cade Hoppe's latest single, "Labels."

Cade Hoppe – “Labels” Review: Relationships Built On Time-Bombs

Synth-pop heartbreaker Cade Hoppe is back with his latest single, "Labels." Are you ready to get back on the dance floor? Find out in our review.

New York’s own answer to indie-pop, Cade Hoppe, continues to dazzle and entrance listeners with his unique dance beats and high-energy melodies, quickly becoming a wild force of nature. His latest release, “Labels,” continues that upward trend.

Teaming up with frequent collaborator and co-producer Harper James for his latest release, is “Labels” good enough to keep the fire going? Or is this the beginning of the end for this talented indie-pop hopeful? Let’s find out.

Full of unmatched high-energy, “Labels” continues the unique soundscape ushered in from the mind of Cade Hoppe. The upbeat track is filled to the brim with eccentric vocal melodies and whimsical instrumentals, keeping the heart beating, blood rushing, and the dance floor full of life.

“Labels” does not disappoint and continues to add reasons why Cade Hoppe is my favorite synth-pop artist out there right now. Everything from Hoppe’s relatable lyrical headlock to his dream-style vocal phases intermingled with the high-energy beats creates a perfect fusion for the senses, like a synth cloud storm ready to take listeners for a unique ride.

Pairing back up with Harper James continues to be a proven success as “Labels” does very little to miss its mark, quickly injecting Cade Hoppe as a must-listen-to artist of 2023. Conveying natural instincts as the backbone of the track’s “time-bomb” themes helps the tune stand out as one of the best released from this future icon of synth-pop.

“This cut is deep/but it doesn’t seem fatal,” the stand out lyrical string of the entire single also helps to push “Labels” into its own indie-pop beast luring in a legion of listeners quickly and fiercely skipping no beats when it comes to fueling the stitched open heart that is Cade Hoppe and his unique journey through love.

Cade Hoppe’s “Labels” continues to ring through my ears and has quickly become a mainstay in a few of my playlists. The track’s quick-witted melodies and overall structure make the track an easy one to fall in love with, relatable qualities aside. If the rest of Cade Hoppe’s 2023 selections are anything like “Labels,” listeners will be in for a fun run ahead of them.

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