Still from Joohoney's album preview for 'LIGHTS.'

Joohoney Releases Album Preview For ‘LIGHTS’ Ahead Of His Upcoming Solo Debut

Starship Entertainment has released the official album preview for Joohoney's upcoming solo debut, 'LIGHTS.'

MONSTA X’s high-energy member Joohoney is just a few steps away from the release of his solo debut, LIGHTS. From teasing the upcoming making-of documentary called TURN ON THE LIGHTS with two different teasers to teasing fans with the upcoming music video release for “FREEDOM,” Joohoney has had a very busy month.

But it’s all coming to a climax soon with the worldwide release of LIGHTS on May 22, 6 PM (KST). Ahead of the official release of his debut mini-album, Starship Entertainment has released the official album preview, which showcases the six songs featured on the performer’s upcoming release.

The six tracks featured on LIGHTS are sure to spark differing emotions among the artist’s fanbase, but one thing continues to be clear regarding the music Joohoney releases; it’s almost always relatable in some form and vulnerable, and the songs featured on LIGHTS appear to be no different.

I already have a combination of “Voice,” “진화 (Evolution),” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” replaying in my mind.

As mentioned, Joohoney’s solo debut, LIGHTS, will release on May 22 at 6 PM KST.

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