Still from Angels & Airwaves' new music video for "Losing My Mind."

Angels & Airwaves Unleash Boomer’s Brother Disco In New Music Video For “Losing My Mind”

Are you ready to be introduced to the iconic blink-182 character Boomer’s older brother Disco? If you’re not, it’s a little late for that as Angels & Airwaves has unleashed Disco onto the streets of Las Vegas for the music video for their new song, “Losing My Mind.”

In his first appearance, Disco takes the streets of Las Vegas by storm, showcasing his captivating dance moves and unorthodox antics with TikTok sensation Rampage. The music video for “Losing My Mind” is just the latest Tom Delonge directed clip and follows up on Angels & Airwaves’ previous single, “Restless Souls.” Both songs are to be featured on the band’s upcoming album, Lifeforms.

On “Losing My Mind” itself, Tom Delonge sarcastically states, “I wanted to write a song about a totally insane idea that would never happen, like, what if our own country was being torn apart by racists, a pandemic, and domestic terrorism, but all at the same time…you know, just normal made up shit that would never happen.”

This latest release by Angels & Airwaves takes the band’s familiar sound out of its comfort zone entertainingly and refreshingly. Tom DeLonge and the rest of Angels & Airwaves are at their best when they keep experimenting, and I can’t wait to jump into “Losing My Mind” over the next few days for our review.

Once again, Angels & Airwaves will release Lifeforms featuring “Losing My Mind” on September 24th via Rise Records. The band will also be hitting the road soon, and you can check out their upcoming tour dates by way of their official website.

Brandon Flores

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