Single artwork for Devon Alexis' latest single, "love that u lost it."

Devon Alexis – “love that u lost it” Review: Dark-Pop For The Win

Devon Alexis is bringing forth the best of dark-pop with her latest single, "love that u lost it." Should you give it a spin? Find out in our review.

Rochester’s own Devon Alexis has more to say since the release of her debut single, “Brix,” at the start of 2022. This time, the singer-songwriter is tackling workplace situations involving a crappy employer through her thought-inducing new release, “love that u lost it.”

However, how does “love that u lost it” square up as a follow-up to Devon Alexis’ debut release? Is this new single worth giving up four minutes of your time? Or should Devon Alexis stick to her day job? Let’s find out.

The feeling of being taken advantage of in any situation is a gut punch not easily forgotten, and Devon Alexis turns her unique workplace experience into a chilling dark-pop anthem filled with snarky smiles and cut-throat melodies. Quickly becoming one of my favorite songs from a promising up-and-coming artist.

Wasting zero time, Devon Alexis’ latest single sends up the fire and smoke, creating a thought-provoking musical experience within the track’s four-minute runtime that had me hitting replay over and over until “love that u lost it” was stuck in my head for the better part of a day.

Singing “if I’m in the wrong, the world ain’t right/if I were you could I sleep at night?” in public settings, creating the perfect afternoon soundtrack for those mundane midday tasks.

“love that u lost it” doesn’t hold back or sugarcoat Devon Alexis’ experience, nor does it try to be something it’s not. Being subtle in its execution further helps the dark-pop experience flourish into a thing of pure beauty reaching new heights as Devon Alexis’ unique vocal delivery shines, ready to become the voice in the shadows.

Devon Alexis continues to prove she’s here to take names through the release of her latest single, ushering in a new age of dark-pop along the way. “love that u lost it” has lit a fascinating fire for the young singer-songwriter as I’m already anxious to hear what she has in store next. Until then, I’ll keep “love that u lost it” on rotation in some capacity.

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