Still from Matt Rosa's music video for his debut single "Times Have Changed"

Matt Rosa Is Done Being F’d Up In New Single “Times Have Changed”

Alternative rocker Matt Rosa has unveiled my latest earworm in the form of his debut single, “Times Have Changed.” Produced by Ace Enders and Bruce Weigner. Matt Rosa’s debut track reflects on redemption, growth, and becoming the best version of yourself. An electrifying pop-punk mesh of sound that will keep you rocking out and feeling great.

Accompanying his new single, Matt Rosa has also released the track’s official music video. Showcasing a slipstream of differing sights from flashbacks to flash-forwards as our protagonist comes to terms with what he truly wants out of this life.

While talking about “Times Have Changed,” Matt Rosa shares that the track is a “full circles journey full of nostalgia in the most bittersweet facet. From drowning in substances and anxiety to finding clarity and calmness; from constantly fading to wanting to slow down time.”

He continues, “this is a story that took years to tell but only a few minutes to genuinely understand, and I’m so excited for others to be able to relate and know that those dark times change when you decide to change first.”

“Times Have Changed” is certainly going to be a contender for Blast out your Stereo’s: Song of the Year Extravaganza, and I personally can’t wait to jump into this one more with a future full-blown insightful review that might come in the next week. Stay tuned.

Want to catch up with all things Matt Rosa? Check out his official website or connect with him on Instagram.

Brandon Flores

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