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Jake SantaLucia Teases New Song “Monuments”


New York based acoustic pop music-man Jake SantaLucia has begun spinning the wheels on his upcoming two-track EP titled, Life’s Not Fair, which will see its release sometime this summer with a five-track EP to follow after. With the wheels rolling, SantaLucia has taken to his private Instagram profile to tease some rough work he’s begun to do for a track titled, “Monuments.” Featuring lyrics such as: “You’re in my heart, you’ll always be a part.” “Monuments” should be a special track going forward for SantaLucia.

Now, as mentioned on his Instagram post, it’s a very rough take. But, I can confirm the finished track should be something SantaLucia is proud of. Having heard the upcoming song “live” via SantaLucia’s “Mr. Fox” Twitch stream, I’m quite excited to have a version of the song I can throw on repeat via Spotify or any of the streaming platforms SantaLucia plans on housing his music on.

If you haven’t heard of Jake SantaLucia before, you can check out some of his music via his YouTube channel. Once again, SantaLucia’s upcoming EP, Life’s Not Fair, featuring “I Remember” and “Monuments” will be available sometime this coming summer. It’s just not fair that we can’t have the music now.

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