Artwork for Cade Hoppe's latest single, "Moon."

Cade Hoppe – “Moon” Review: An Imaginative Trip Through The Void

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Cade Hoppe has released his explosive new single, "Moon." Take your imagination for a ride.

Taking things to the next level is indie-pop singer-songwriter Cade Hoppe who has released what could be his best song yet, “Moon.” Continuing his spectacular journey are frequent collaborator Harper James and guest musicians Rob Moose and Dr. Blum, who help bring the new single into its own.

But, while “Moon” is a shining highlight in the Cade Hoppe discography, will it be the fuel to the rocket that will begin to carry Cade towards the stars? Let’s find out.

“Moon” is undoubtedly Cade Hoppe taking the next leap in his thus far incredible musical journey. Everything sewn together for this new single is turned up to eleven from the track’s overall production, sultry vocal delivery, and subtle yet dreamscape-esque instrumentals that take the emotional senses on their own unique adventure.

Continuing with his dynamic approach to the pop genre, Cade Hoppe’s radar is in place for a complete genre takeover. Each new release going over hurtles further proves that this talented songwriter knows how to speak from the heart, pull on endless heartstrings and capture the sensation of being stuck in a void.

“Moon” is dazzling, relatable, and catchy in the most beautiful of ways that listeners can expect to be singing along on subsequent listens. “Just look at the moon” might as well be planted in my mind as a second language. Pushing past all signal lights, Cade Hoppe embraces his inner emotions like never before for what could become his breakout release.

Cade Hoppe continues to be my favorite up-and-coming music maker, and “Moon” solidifies this fact as the smooth and embracing soundscape took me for an emotional ride through the stars as the concept of time escaped my mind. While I’ve been a massive fan of Cade’s previous releases, none has captured my imagination as much as “Moon.”

“Moon” is Cade Hoppe at the top of his game, and I’m anxious about what will come next.

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