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Wildwood Kin Release “Never Alone” Music Video

Alternative-rock trio Wildwood Kin has released a truly beautiful and stunning music video for their latest single, “Never Alone,” which is taken from their upcoming self-titled album. Filmed in the West Pennine Moorlands, the trios’ new music video captures the personal feelings and deep messages portrayed throughout the single itself, in a wonderfully harmonious way.

Co-written with Ed Harcourt, Wildwood Kin expressed, “for us, this song is about vulnerability and solidarity. As a band, we are very passionate about breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental health issues, and this song was written about that; how when we have taken steps to open up conversations about our struggles, we find we’re not alone in them.

That juxtaposition is represented visually through the video – each of us isolated and unsure, lost amongst vast moorland, finally coming together in unison. We love the outdoors and it has always been a huge part of our lives, so we wanted that to be represented in the video too, which also inspired the album cover.”

It’s certainly a beautifully put together piece that has already been replayed a handful of times, leaving me anxious to check out Wildwood Kin’s upcoming album even more.

Once again, Wildwood Kin will release their self-titled album on October 4 via Silvertone Records/Sony, and can be pre-ordered now which will provide you with an instant download of their new single, “Never Alone.”

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