Still from Carver Commodore's "Never Satisfied" music video.

Carver Commodore Takes To The Desert For “Never Satisfied” Music Video

Carver Commodore roam the desert in their latest music video for their new single, "Never Satisfied."

Indie-rockers Carver Commodore has taken to the desert for the music video for their new single, “Never Satisfied.” Taken from their upcoming EP, If Nothing Happens, “Never Satisfied” sees the band of rockers tackling the relatable themes of comparing oneself and the feeling of personal satisfaction in what you have going on.

On the single itself, Carver Commodore shares, “Unsatisfied (obviously), but more specifically, we as a band were feeling like we had been “grinding” and doing all the “right things” for a few years but were watching everyone around us become successful seemingly overnight.

And due to comparison, we were robbing ourselves of the potential joy that would come from the successes we did receive. So the song is about comparison on a personal and band level.”

“Never Satisfied” manages to bring Carver Commodore closer to the limelight, as, at least for me, they have become a must-watch band, as their newer releases have been capturing my attention more and more.

As mentioned previously, Carver Commodore will release their upcoming EP, If Nothing Happens, on August 15 and will feature “Never Satisfied” as well as their previous single, “Drown Me In Emotions.”

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