Single artwork for If I'm Lucky's new single, "Nights Like These."

If I’m Lucky – “Nights Like These” Review: Pop-Punk For The People

Florida-based pop-punk band If I'm Lucky has dropped their latest single, "Nights Like These." But is it just a generic wall of sound? Find out in our review.

Florida pop-punk outfit, If I’m Lucky has been making a lot of noise recently with the release of their heavy hitter pop anthem, “Here’s to the Girls” and the more somber sounding “Stay,” an excellent sounding acoustic offering.

Keeping their momentum running through summer into fall, If I’m Lucky has now dropped their third release, “Nights Like These.” Keeping to their “pop-punk for the people” slogan running strong, If I’m Lucky’s latest release is a high-energy, dance hall-ready banger.

But, is “Nights Like These” just another generic, color-by-numbers pop-punk tune bound to get lost in the shuffle? Or are these Florida hopefuls the real deal and have the legs to stand in a genre that’s changing daily? Let’s find out.

“Nights Like These” follows your typical “hype” pop-punk song structure; blaring guitars, heartbeat chasing bass lines, and Daxon Fischer banging away on his drums as if he’s getting ready to steal home. So, while “Nights Like These” might be what you’d expect from this style of pop-punk song, it’s far from a generic and color-by-numbers affair.

If I’m Lucky grabs from the abyss of the pop-punk genre that’s been transformed by Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, KennyHoopla, etc., and instead opts to re-kindle the sound of more traditional pop-punk kin to State Champs and Neck Deep. A familiar sound that’s always fun and gets the blood rushing.

That’s not to say If I’m Lucky is masquerading around as any of these pop-punk powerhouses, as it’s the charm and chemistry thus far from Benjamin Neil, Julian Montes, and Daxton Fischer that lets this fresh Floridian outfit make a splash in a genre that’s constantly getting flooded with the same old chord progressions and a-hole attitudes.

The “Nights Like These” production is crisp and continues the clean and raw switch-off that had me enjoying Benjamin Neil’s solo project from last year.

Instrumentally, If I’m Lucky turns things up to eleven, rivaling their own energy displayed in their debut single, “Here’s to the Girls,” as “Nights Like These” surpasses it in both raw power and solo dancing-induced guitar riffs.

A fantastic display of instrumentation that has me humming along throughout my day effortlessly. That’s not even counting how often I’ve caught myself singing, “on nights like these we live forever.”

A sunshine display of true pop-punk for the people that has me on edge for more.

If I’m Lucky is made up of some incredibly talented musicians and showman personalities, I can’t wait to experience “Nights Like These” in a packed room with fans singing verse for verse, shouting the track’s chorus, and just vibing with these three pop-punk class acts. It’s bound to be explosive, just like the band’s latest single.

I’m sure we’re not far from these Florida pop-rockers next release as they seem to be dropping their brand of pop-punk to the masses rather quickly, and I’m already anxious to review the next.

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